Cheap Hotel Pattaya Blue Heeler Guesthouse 17$/Night

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This hotel is located on Soi Lengkee in Central Pattaya. It is named after the Blue Heeler dog, an Australian cattle dog breed. It is a very popular hotel and includes a restaurant and bar downstairs. Inquiring in person I was quoted 600 baht per night. It may be cheaper online.

The room includes all of the amenities you would expect, a bed, show, TV, internet wifi and air conditioning.

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Cheap Charlie Chronicles says:

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al magdic says:

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Peter Johnson says:

Its actually Soi Lengkee

Al Ry321 says:

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Gladiator Spear says:

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ADN channel says:

Little different comparing with indonesia.

MrStifleras says:

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William Woytecken says:

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Iqbal Rana says:

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MKR nallavan says:

no b/fast no s/pool .,,.600 baht per night its quiet expensive .

Alfatih Rohman says:

ini daerah neraka jahanam DUNIA

Jurtsi says:

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FQY PW says:

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2knackers says:

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Tim Blackburn says:

Dude with your newfound virality you should start contacting local businesses to see if they want to advertise on your channel.

Nimza says:

Hey Charlie, what kind of camera you use to record videos ?

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