Cheap and Clean Hotel on Walking Street Pattaya Thailand P72

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P72 Hotel, bar and Restaurant is smack bang in the middle of Walking Street in Pattaya Thailand, directly opposite Lucifer Disko.

Below the hotel there is a bar and restaurant. I did stay at P72 on one of my earlier trips to Pattaya. i wanted to be as close to the action as possible and P72 certainly is that.

P72 Hotel has a fairly large foyer, nothing to flash, nothing to fancy.

This day i walked in off the street and asked the lady if i can have a look at a room and how much. She gave me 4 options.
Standard 1 for 650 baht, Standard 2 750 baht, Superior 950 and deluxe 1500, and says “new building”.
I don’t know where that new building is, but i don’t think it would be to far away.

So you can see from those prices P72 Hotel has a room type for people of different budgets.

There is an elevator at P72, so no need to go running up 4 flights of stairs with your barfine at 3 in the morning.

The rooms are clean, they have the old school TV. The 1st thing i done was rip off that brown blanket, give it to housekeeping
and said you can keep that until i leave. I had no need for it. It looked a little bit old and scruffy.

There a small wardrobe for you to hang your clothes. I don’t think i have a need to stay at P72 again. When i did stay here i was much younger and it was exactly what i wanted at that time. A room right in the middle of Walking Street Pattaya., I had a good stay here. P 72 Hotel was good to me.

Don’t expect a luxury bathroom, but it is satisfactory.

Due to its central location it might be impossible to escape the noise of Walking Street and its surrounds until the early hours of the morning. Obviously, the further back from Walking Street your room is the quieter it will be, but due to its central location obtaining silence might prove impossible. If you do like silence, P72 might not be the hotel in Pattaya for you.

I mention in my people watching video where i was sitting in Lucifer that i stayed in a room
overlooking Walking Street.. The entrance also doubles as a fire escape. The room is broken into 2 rooms. The bathroom on the right and the bedroom on the left with the fire escape running through the middle. I had 2 keys, 1 to the fire escape door, and another to the sliding bedroom door. So in the case of a fire you will have the whole of P72 hotel guest and staff running through your room while your mid-thrust.

When i stayed in this room i slept with the curtains open and loved every second off it. These days i do appreciate piece and quiet if i want it.

There is a fire escape route out the window. i was a little bit paranoid because the lock on the window didn’t lock to well.
It doesn’t really lock to well, it does lock but i think if u pulled it hard enough it would rip open. If you do get this room just make sure you lock the sliding door into the bedroom.

The bar and restaurant below the hotel has a pool table there, and i think they have live band playing as well most nights.
It also another good place to sit down have a meal or drink on Pattaya Walking Street and do some people watching.

P 72 Hotel Address: 412 m.10 Pattaya Beach Road Nonprue Banglamung Chonburi 20150


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Dead Farang says:

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William Gonzalez says:

huff ugly and dirty

Mickola says:

All I can say about this DF is there's an age reflection here ffs 26 years ago I was eating this street now it scares the f out of me I ain't in a wheel chair either ha ha rock it !!!

# Fibach says:

Nice Video.. thanks for infos 🙂

Sanjay Pethe says:

How far is the Beach from this place ? What is the rent for 1 month for 1 person ?
Electricity,Hot water,Wifi ,Kitchen gas and all other charges are included in the Rent ?
Kitchen and Utensiles are available in kitchen.?
Please send the Detail address and contact person and phone number ?

Superstar Banana says:

Can i know what is the difference between standard and superior?

Farshid Faridi says:

What is this hotel name?and where is this adress in pattaya???thanks.

farm boy says:

I would give this hotel a pass. I stayed there in april 2016. The management was not hospitable . I had no problems with this hotel in 2010, but not this time. It is affordable but the lady at the desk kept insisting that we had not already paid for our rooms, when we had. They finally figured out their mistake and tried to apologize but I had enough and I checked out. They were also rude to my lady guest. The Air conditioning was not very good either.

Expat N Training says:

Looks prefect place for me.

bradley Bradley says:

As you can see, the room is alright, the location is right in the middle of Walking Street and they don't give a shit who you bring back to your room. My only problem is that it is Loud Loud Loud as fck till at least 3 AM. Like DF said there's a band playing in the bar not to mention noise from all the other bars. The building will shake until the noise stops..if you are out till 3 or 4 in the morning it may not be a problem though. Come Sunrise, the noise is gone and you can probably sleep like a baby until Happy Hour.

Heater traveller says:

It's not a guest friendly hotel..

danny collingwood says:

I really love the way you explain the things mate..So much self explanatory mate…Good video sir…..

kevin leary says:

…mid thrust…love it!

john smith says:

The food at the P72 restaurant is very good.
However, a little expensive for cheap charlie types;)
The only problem is the touts trying to sell you stuff (if you don't want).
Just politely say, "mai ow krap" (I don't want).

kennyg64 says:

Thanks but no thanks.

John Scott says:

I stayed at P.72 in January (and have booked for June), I stayed in the deluxe tower, it's right across the alley, you can see it at 0:43, where you see the balcony with the cream-ish coloured paint.

The rooms appears to be a little smaller to what you showed, but everything is brand new, lcd tv, fancy bathroom, etc.

manos3790 says:

Those prices and reasonable for walking street, but overpriced when you consider the cost of rooms in Soi Buakow only half a km away.

rajeshbangga says:

Hi mate grt videos. Any advice for a decent hotel to stay in Bangkok and Pattaya within the action for few nights. Cheers. Regards from Sydney.

Rafa Rajab says:

thanks appreciatd a lot , but but bu is not noisy on walking street ?????

streeteats says:

Just bring earplugs or something.

onanidaily says:

I have never stayed at the P72 hotel (stayed at the Hotel Beverly Plaza which is just down the alley and across second road) but I ate breakfast at the restaurant here almost everyday for many years. The green curry chicken is phenomenal.

Kenny oldlog says:

Love the videos dead Farang keep em coming.

Eddie Martinez says:

Remember bar girls cant eat love like dead farang said.

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