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I go riding around Beach Road Chaweng, looking at the Chaweng Nightlife, I also go for a look down Soi Reggae before heading back to Soi Green Mango and the Green Mango Club.

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love chaweng beach! probably thailands finest! aussie bar yeah a bit pricey.

Jonte Ded says:

Spent 3 months there, 6 years ago.. best time of my life. More party back then, when I went back, they built resorts along the beach

AyeVSee Cop says:

so love koh samui!

Steve Adersson says:

loll fuunny shit love how they try to sell themselves i tried it too themm there like wtf u sell urself im like i charge cheap bahahahahaha awesome time mann 😂😂

Dangerous RC productions says:

If you say, and it does actually sound like this. "Meow crap" I guarantee you she will leave you alone

Mathieu Tallard says:

I hope you say yes to cute ones and that is cost around 12-15$ max.

wayne MARTIN says:

Again Wayne I see another good video from you .

mazfat says:

how recent is this video? i thought the no music period lasted only 30 days

reggieinsamui B says:

1998 and that lake was a swamp !!!!!! just a dodgie rickaty old wooden bridge to get over to the reggae pub

billytheweasel says:

US$100 for seafood on Samui??? 3,500 Bhat, really?
Who pays that? And whoever does, just stop. Next we all will have to pay that…
My gawd things have changed there since the early 90's. I ate a full Sea Bass dinner with a Brit and think we paid 80 Bhat.
I remember the Reggae Pub before it burned down. Now it looks like Soi Cowboy.

Note to self; Tattooed tits equates to "me have good heart". All day if it's a butterfly tat…

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