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Just some day scenes of Chaweng Beach Koh Samui Thailand from various locations around Chaweng


peaceful harmony says:

If you're getting scammed report it, report it to the u.s. embassy. Don't just keep quiet, it'll never stopped.

Tim Bennett says:

Great picture……. what camera are you using please?

Liam Moulton says:

Can you still hire sunbeds on Chaweng beach?

Dangerous RC productions says:

Easiest way to stop the scam take photos of the jet ski before you go out, right in front of them. I tried this and it works. Always best to have two other friends with you to do the same thing. One single problem. One has to stay on the beach to watch for stolen photos n phones. Or have a Thai with you

Rodney Newton says:

Staying around Chaweng in late May for two weeks. Raining today in my city. Yesterday a windstorm in my city. Looking forward to some good weather at Chaweng beach.

Electric_Shot says:

awesome beach lots of fun

Mathieu Tallard says:

Lots of very bad beaches there where people will get out of it with tan lines, white ass and white long legs …..

wayne MARTIN says:

Good video Wayne

Wang Yeo says:

I went to Kho Samui last year and it is a beautiful place.

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