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How many Thai desserts have you tried? In this video, I show you the amazing world of Thai desserts beyond mango and sticky rice! Join me at a weekend market in Bangkok and let’s explore [More]
Thai Spong Cake (Thai Dessert) – Kanom Sa Lee ขนมสาลี่ Kanom Sa Lee is one of Thai traditional dessert that always be used in auspicious ceremony. The main ingredients are flour, sugar and eggs. It [More]
Sago in CoconuMilk with Corn (Thai Dessert) – สาคูเปียกข้าวโพด This Thai dessert is easily to do it at home, just several ingredients. Sago will be boiled until soft and put sweet corn and fresh pandan [More]
Thai Red Ruby in Fresh Coconut Milk (Tub Tim Grob) If you love Thai desserts like Mango Sticky Rice, you will probably love this refreshing and and vibrantly coloured dessert with its ruby-hued crunchy water [More]
Thai Dessert – Glutinous Rice Flour Dumplings in Coconut Milk (Krong Krang Nam Ka Ti) This dessert is very easy. With soft and chewy Krong Krang and sweet coconut milk, sprinkle with roasted white sesame [More]
Crispy Lotus Blossom Cookie (Thai Dessert) – Kanom Dok Jok ขนมดอกจอก Another Thai dessert that name comes from natural. Dok Jok is a water plant growing in South East Asia country. If you have brass [More]
Sweet Sticky Rice Crepe Rolls with Mango | Thai Dessert | French Crepe | YUMMY ❤ FULL RECIPE: Please Like & Subscribe & Share for more fun videos !!! More AOMYWORLD Tube videos: [More]
Fried bananas are a popular dessert in Thai restaurants, but I’m going to show you the original fried banana recipe that is actually a street food that we eat for snacks and even breakfast! I’m [More]
[Thai Dessert] Sweet Thai Coconut Pancake (Pang Ji) Thai dessert that made from glutinous flour mix with shredded coconut and palm sugar. After that roast them on the pan. This dessert has 2 colors which [More]
Stuffed Dough Pyramid (Thai Dessert) – Ka Nhom Tian ขนมเทียน Ka Nhom Tian is popular in auspicious ceremony, especially in Chinese New Year in Thailand. This menu is original from Thai Dessert and adapted by [More]
Foi Thong (Thai Dessert) – Egg Threads ฝอยทอง [4K] Foi Thong is original from Portuguese desserts and came to Thailand in Krung Sri Ayutthaya Period. This dessert comes in set with Thong Yip and Thong [More]
Mung Bean Rice Crape (Thai Dessert) – Kanom Tua Pap ขนมถั่วแปป This dessert is another popular one that can be found easily in Thailand local market. Steamed mung bean is stuffed in sticky rice flour [More]
These crepes look a bit like tacos and are a tasty and popular street food dessert in Thailand. We have stuffed ours with whipped cream and Foi Thong! For full details see: Visit us [More]
Tapioca Balls with Coconut Milk (Thai Dessert) – Bua Loey Kaew บัวลอยแก้ว Many foreigners know this Thai dessert very well but today we will change a recipe a little bit. Normally sticky rice flour will [More]