How to cook Thai BBQ chicken on the Pit Barrel Cooker
If you’ve had this before (aka Gai Yang) , you know that if you’re going to put chicken on the grill, or the oven, this is THE recipe to make! My taste testers have been [More] Learn how to “spatchcock” a chicken, and bathe it with this to-die-for marinade!
I was in the mood for some Panang Curry with beef, some of Thai Original BBQ’s good Thai bbq chicken with shrimp fried rice, and a Thai Iced Coffee. It was all very good and [More]
Mukata – inaczej Tajskie BBQ, jest to bardzo popularny sposób jedzenia przez Tajów, wszystkie lokale z Mukatą w okolicy, codziennie są wypełnione po ostatni stolik. Jest to restauracja typu “jedz ile możesz” za z góry [More]
Marion cooks a traditional Thai barbecue on the beach at Pranburi, with market fresh Squid and some Prawns. She also shows us how to make a deliciously spicy Nahm Jim sauce. Part of Marion’s Thailand [More]
Fish BBQ and Smoked over hot coals Thai Style – Thailand Street Food Thai street food and sightseeing Thailand and I cover areas such as Bangkok Chinatown and many Bangkok street food markets as well [More]
Song Credits 1. Christopher – I Won’t Let You Down feat. Bekuh Boom
Egg frying expert Gadd D. Danno showcases his new Thai made outdoor cooking stove.
Thai Barbecue/Hotpot Buffet: Mu Kratha All You Can Eat In Thailand! Mu kratha is one of our favorite Thai foods. Mu Kratha is very popular among Thai people, but many people who travel in Thailand [More]
Duncan catches up with Uncle at a seafood market. Uncle is such a character and well known in this area for his sensational river prawns with Naam Jim sauce. He shares his recipe with Duncan. [More]
We ended a fun weekend with Adrienne and Christian of xoxocooks with yummy Thai hot pot! It was a great way to cure hangovers from drinking too much sake and making crunchy glitter slime. Watch [More]
Thats the way how we do it on Koh Samui.
In this video we show you a delicious way to make BBQ pork, IMO this is a must try for everyone, Give it a try. Follow me on Twitter. Music by Dan-O at [More]
Duncan Robertson cooks up a Thai BBQ with some help from the family in his home town of Warrandyte Australia
BBQ pork neck – this is a Thai dish but it is really popular in Cantonese restaurants too. There is a lot of Thai influence in Cantonese cuisine. However, the most important thing is that [More]