One of the best hotel in phuket close to bangla but not too near. You can go to the beach by walking in 2 minutes. Your guest can sleep with u if you want 🙂 [More]
Salathai Thai Restaurant Suite 102 888 Burrard St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1X9 (604)683-7999 In Thailand, a sala is a place of refuge. I wanted to share a piece of my home with the charming town of Benicia, providing guests with a place to rest and eat before [More]
Simply put this is a Thai version of a mojitos. A splash of Pina Colada is added to take you to island (KOH) paradise.
Réservation: DESCRIPTIF: Pour des vacances de rêve, 2 Villas modernes identiques de 270m2, situées à Na Muang près de Lamai Beach, avec terrasse 100m2 et piscine, situées à 30 mètres l’une de l’autre [More]
mechanical fish at Sala Thai, 32nd St and Shea, Phoenix, AZ
Das Hotel Salathai Resort in Phuket: hat per Video einen Blick hinter die Kulissen geworfen.,Salathai+Resort,hot_19953.html
Sala Thai Resport Patong Thailand, 12/25/09
Celebrações dos 500 anos de Relações Diplomáticas entre Portugal e a Tailândia
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Dancing thaigirls in Sala Hotellet
Sala Thai 561-935-5597