Top 10 Best Pattaya Hotels 2017 Subscribe for more videos: Book Your Pattaya Hotel Below ⬇️⬇️ ✅ 1. Royal Wing Suites & Spa Pattaya ✅ 2. Rabbit Resort Pattaya ✅ 3. Le [More]
The Avani Hotel in Central Pattaya, a coastal city in Thailand, is a very beautiful resort that pays attention to all of the little details. From the bouganvillea’s overhanging the balconies to the friendly staff, [More]
Pattaya Hotel – Single Man’s Paradise (very cheap!!!) * Join Bkk112 Patreon today: * Best Thai Dating Site: * Pattaya’s best hotels $20-40: * Pattaya’s best hotels $50+: * Latest Post [More]
For those who want to stay right near the action I have looked at three different hotels that are just a stone’s throw from Walking Street. I will let you be the judge of which [More]