Koh Sak which is an island located about 10 km west of Pattaya is a popular tourist destination. Koh Sak is another small island shaped like a horse shoe. It has two beaches, one on [More]
North beach pattaya Attractions. North Beach Place is located in North Pattaya. Find out the nearest shops, schools, restaurants and explore the surroundings near north pattaya.
Walking Street Pattaya Nightlife – Attractions Things To Do [2018]
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Pattaya City’s Top Tourist Attractions 2016: We created this video to showcase some of the popular tourist & local attractions in Pattaya City Thailand. http://pattayaproperty.pro/about-pattaya-thailand/pattaya-tourist-attractions/ http://pattayaproperty.pro/about-pattaya-thailand/tourist-attractions-in-pattaya-city/
Germans visit Pattaya during Xmas 1979 and stay in the Regent hotel. An 8mm film of their holiday. See my other clips on Pattaya.
Please Subscribe : http://bit.ly/2q4Y8up Art Thomya, a Thai singer/songwriter, will show you the 7 Must-Sees in PATTAYA, a famous beach town in Eastern Thailand. Art was accompanied by his local friends, who are eager to [More]
Half-day or full-day, these destination experiences have been thoughtfully put together to ensure your time spent in Pattaya is nothing short of memorable — simply the best way to discover and explore!
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The Nightlife Attractions 2 SKY Pattaya Rocket-Ball you find on Walking Street. Thrilling 50 meters high, Extreme 100 KPH speed in one second, 5G force power, 100% European owned and maintained, More than 30 worldwide [More]
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10 useful Tips you need to know when you come to Pattaya, Tip 1 to 5. This also is useful to Phuket or Bangkok where you visit the nightlife, disco’s and beer bars. These are [More]
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