Budget Hotel Room $6 Per Night and $15 — Pattaya, Thailand Soi Chaiyapoon

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Today I visited two hotel rooms on So Chaiyapoon. One was 200 baht per night or $6 and the other was 500 baht or $15. The first place it was full so she couldn’t so me a room. A friend of mine stayed there for a month once, they actually have one room that is 100 baht per night $3, but it is like a closet with no windows and only a fan. The other 200 baht rooms aren’t much nicer but it is very cheap if you need somewhere to stay for a few days.

The next place was next door and they had rooms 500 baht per night. The rooms were quite big and had all of the amenities you would expect, cable tv, wifi and even a big community kitchen you can cook in. Also you are in a central location in Pattaya. I think their monthly price was very expensive, a room like that shouldn’t be more than 5 or 6k baht per month.


Cheap Charlie Chronicles says:

Most of these rooms on Soi Chaiyapoon you can't book online because they are small guesthouses so just come here and rent if you want to stay here.

EDY Y says:

Eerie hotel.

SwanInnSongkran says:

Good info Charlie, are you happy with your channel progression? Not a loaded question mate, just a genuine query.

Luke Dom says:

You sit here I call 😂😂😂

steve friend says:

GOOD CHEAP $6 per night

Gurinder Singh says:

wow Charlie 👌👌🙏🙏

de mun upswing says:

1'18" : those girls are in a whirlwind as if asking for a room had sent them in a strange state of agitation

juntao11 says:

Wea da boom boom room

Pattaya Boy says:

Cheap Charlie,Dont listen to a word this knob end say's,,,,,,,,,,,he hasnt got a clue,go back to America and bore shitless some of your fellow yanks.

Mike Ramos says:

I worked with a guy from Thailand I wanted to go back then but now after watching these videos I really really want to go looks like people know how to have fun there, no wonder the guy was so much fun to talk to. He was older than my dad and acted like a kid in a good way he would go out of his way to say pokimon at me he didnt mean the cartoon it had another meaning but it was a joking way of saying it. Too bad he retired work isn't as much fun anymore

skyballin says:

Love how he talks with their accent lol

Danilo Dankow says:

More and more asian girls get fat. In a few years they are as fat as western cows.

Nandlalbhai Sheldiya says:


D Toy says:

does speaking rough English with an accent help them understand better? I notice you do this a lot

exmo ker says:

Hotel Paranoia

John Paul Low Seck says:

I don't even know how to get up to my room after getting drunk. No lift only stairs..OMG!

Comanche Warrior says:

Why go to Thailand and live so fucking cheap ?

Jim Wong says:

ust imagine for me to stay at those room make me so depressed I want to take a gun and shoot myself

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