Buddhist Monks sample Ramsay’s Pad Thai – Gordon Ramsay

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Gordon Ramsay serves his version of Pad Thai to the Buddhist monks in the Wimbledon Thai temple.

Season 5 of The F Word. A bold, modern and mischievous take on the world of food combines location VTs, kitchen actuality, celebrity interviews, stunts and recipe based challenges to give the format its trademark energy, pace and visual richness and create waves in the food world and beyond.

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ItsMeYeah888 says:

I'll bet that his food is rarely, if ever bad tasting, it's just that his Pad Thai wasn't authentic in the Thai chefs eyes.

Allison Linner says:

He's so butt hurt

Ant Roblox says:

In my California Concord Temple Of monk was copy what monk did saying of god.

Monkey22k says:

swearing in the temple. Very disrespectful!!

duy says:

I mean, they're monks.. they're not gonna criticize food that's essentially donated to them.

jun sotaridona says:

imagine if that monk says RAW…. i prolly get surgery… for too much laughing…

Seth Kampiranon says:

to cook good Thai dishes you need experienced, tips and lucks……It's hard to make it right

Joseph Ting says:

I can't believe I learned that not all Buddhism teaching forbid monks from eating meat as long as the animal is not killed on their behalf from a Gordon Ramsay's video.

Shady Kpop Fan says:

what kind of monks are these leaving leftovers?
what in the world??
when you are monk you should even clear the bowl you've eaten with water and drink that water
these monks are shame

HannahVioletCarter says:

Lol tbh Ramsey I doubt the monk was going to say "Sorry the pad thai was shit"

Chris Miguel Sterling T says:

Behind scenes … Dish taste like shit 🖕

RB Forex Coach says:

I think I’ll become a monk


Must kill him to be talking in such a low voice.

I have to Sneeze says:

Bon appetite xD

Studyo Gangsta says:

What a cocksucker!!! U can't cook all foods great Gordon!!! C'est La Vie!!!

Animus Miles-Militis says:

ah mate, why shit on their religion at the end. Spoiled it. Live and let live.

Neil Kraft says:

They eat this way every day? Screw welfare, I’m becoming a monk.

vicky john says:

how can a monk say its not good…nicely played british ramsay lul

LexiMc says:

Oh shit… He asked

liken00ther99 says:

it's fucking RAW!

Big Moose says:

So much respect for these monks their practices are amazing….for example the most successful rehab center for drug addicts is actually run by thai monks.We could learn a lot from them.

Joe Brown says:

haahaaa ramsay’s face is barely moving since his fking procedure.

ily xx says:

Monks are not gonna criticize the food someone donated so it was pointless to ask them how it tasted xD and some monks don't even taste food cuz they would eat while meditating in their head so the flavors don't really matter. Its like when you eat while you're thinking of some things, you're just not really thinking or tasting the food so it doesn't taste bad nor good. I mean some tho. They just don't or won't think badly of something someone donated xD and trust me, I'm a buddhist and I go to temples a lot😂but the one gordon cooked doesn't look bad and prob doesn't taste bad either but not really pad thai like how the thai chief said as its understandable cuz he's not a thai person so it wouldn't be perfect like a thai chief's cooking.

dat Pianoguy says:

thai monks speak english?

Sthomas says:

Says Pad thai isn't perfect Most eaten bowl.

L Giver says:

I’m Vietnamese and I’m also Buddhist for a fact Ik monks aren’t suppose to eat any type of animals

Darren Priest says:

Pretty smart of the Buddhist monks to make that rule about not being able to cook for themselves.

Iriskenia Fernandez says:

His cockles must have been warmed!!

Daz Dee says:


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