Bucheon’s Sala Thai Restaurant Review

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Here’s our first negative review of a restaurant. Long story short: STAY AWAY from here!

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Orchid Blossom says:

I really hope you guys dont think that all Thai food is this bad 😞

siggalinda says:

magic perm! 😀

A_Little_Me says:

Is Pad thai supposed to taste like gone-off vegetables? Had pad thai once and something had gone off. Like a vegetable or something had rotten. The bad taste wasnt consistent all trough. I recogniced the flavour and have had a bad food poisioning before so I didnt take the chance and tried to expell what little I had already eaten to net get sick again. At first the serving girl didnt believe me and said there was nothing wrong, that it was supposed to taste like that and that we still had to pay for it even if I didnt eat it. Then after I ate a different course she said we didnt have to pay for the food I didnt eat, just the rest. But she still claimed that it was supposed to taste like that. My husband asked for the bill and took me somewhere else for desserts because he found it just as uncomfortable as me. So what is pad thai supposed to taste like?

Sammie Rin says:

I love Simon and Martina honesty ^^ here. I definitely trust them when it comes to good food 🙂

DefenderOfJustice7OH7 says:

So I was fishing around your older videos and found this little gem!! This is really neat because we had a new Thai restaurant open up in our area last year, Dusit Thai Cuisine, and I heard that it is really good.

Anko Ganbold says:

I bet the dislikes were from the restaurant hha

Anko Ganbold says:

I bet the dislikes were from the restaurant hha

Lunay LeZarde says:

Correction: You CAN call it curry even if you don't use a pre-made curry powder, BUT you really have to know your spices and how to build a curry from scratch. Authentic Indian restaurants would consider using bottled curry powder to be a disgraceful slacker move.

beYourself_522 says:

They have better thai food here in Canada lol Thai Express all the way!

Justin Neuman says:

which in this case would be a good thing!

Justin Neuman says:

Maybe you shut it down because no nasty's wanted to try it lol

Justin Neuman says:

Mmmm I want some Thai now lol

MsSunhappy says:

martina with normal hair :O

ไพลิน Tia says:

Pad See Ew- is suppose to be dry. And it isn't made with black bean sauce…it is made with dark soy sauce. But it does look bland.

Pad Thai- it doesn't has any herbs in it. The only veggies it should have is bean sprouts, Chinese chives (or scallions), and preserved radish. I'm very picky about my pad Thai. Hard to find any authentic pad Thai outside of Thailand.

funbarrel ofcheez says:

I have just recently started watching your videos (obviously started out with the newest ones) and you can really see from looking at your older videos how much more confidence you have now its really lovely to see two people blossom 🙂

Isabela G says:

lol i thought it was kpop playing in the restaurant but i'm thai and it took me a while to realize it was thai >.< 😀

Meghan Friesen says:

Although you are more likely to have cooks from Thailand in Canada, than you are going to in Korea

stupidstar23 says:

papaya salad is my fave thai food! why didn't you guys get that?

Tiffy Taffy says:

Wow horrible, i only ate pad see ew once and it wasn't like that at all, there are a lot more sauce and look much better.

M Vaa says:

Lime or lemon is fine.

Tiffy Taffy says:

Wow Simon dish is what I had for the first time at a thai restaurant by thai people from thailand. IT doesn't even look like that. It is more sauce and not dry like that.. definitely doesn't even look appitizing.

Katie N. says:

Ive been to a sala Thai in la and there food isn't that great cuz my mom wanted to eat there cuz my aunt said it was good an she was dissapointed with most of our food -_-

ToppNotch says:

thumbs down for them prawns but the plate was empty..lmao

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