Boxing day tsunami 2004 Thailand – complete series 1/4 Phuket

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boxing day tsunami 2004 – complete series 1/1 Phuket. Created to the 12 anniversary of the devastating tsunami in Asia

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Sylvia Ross says:

Instead of standing there filming, why didn't some of those assholes try to save some of the people in trouble?

jazz says:

Este fue terrible, por que la gente fue muy ignorante, había gente en la playa, apenas el mar se retira es señal que hay q correr, haya terremoto o no

NachoTuber says:

Thats not a Tsunami!!! 😡😡😡😠😠😠

Dianne Rae says:


BlueTeamPlayer says:

Eat at Taco Bell they said, it's gr8 they said

SubtleFlyer5 says:

Did anybody else see that body floating lifelessly in the water

TheUsualSuspect says:

the tsunami was like oh you're having a nice day? flips table well… phuket!


Very sad. I remember when it happened, though I had a dream about it last night. All the people who died and their families. I also remember seeing footage of a group of young girls getting swept away & screaming 🙁

ItsMeTheGamer says:

Now we kbow why rhe sea is so dirty

Joe Dolahenty says:

Horrifying. Why on earth do people stand around gawking at something like this? Get out and get as many people out with you.

trainerARNIE says:

I am a thai i was on that beach it was really terible

vor 4 Monaten - 9,9 mio. Aufrufe says:

Why guys are disliking, they only show whats happend

Mosa Ardal says:

omg he spelled subscribe fail XD

James Shadle says:

I kinda understand how they feel but at the same time I dont. My house flooded during Harvey but we saw that coming. It’s impossible to know if a tsunami is coming.

Adam Plays says:

Is this real or not??

Leon Singh says:

Wie i hate Tsunamis because it. can killlllllllllll the Land

nigel jansz says:

I had a dream about a tsunami

Aziz Dora Yılmaz says:

The tsunami is dangeourus

Ben Leitner says:

if a tsunami is coming ( and u know when it does coz the tide goes out FAR AND QUICK ) get a boat and try to get OVER the tsunami BEFORE IT BREAKS

TRUE coz once it breaks that’s when it gets more force and PUSHES EVERYTHING

Ben Cross says:

A tsunami is coming MOM GET THE CAMERA!!!!

Oropher420 says:

In 2017

Everyone: “let’s stand here and record this with our phones, instead of running away or getting onto high grounds”

Fotini 00 says:

All these people that died…omg…

Vikki Godsall says:

I was hit by that in the bungalow

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