Boxing day tsunami 2004 Thailand – complete series 1/4 Phuket

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boxing day tsunami 2004 – complete series 1/1 Phuket. Created to the 12 anniversary of the devastating tsunami in Asia

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p artur says:

2:46 meg fog allni az elet…

EVOMAN14 says:

Your English is awful

Interstate 45 says:

I was going to watch tornado videos, but saw this in my recommendations and said phuket, I'll watch this instead.

Irena Drevnakova says:


Ulrika Morris says:

Chili has the world record for highest earthquake

inglidis aliveira says:

Algun br aq?


انه غضب الله

Glenn Douglas Luxton says:

I wish this had never happened. Very tragic.

MultiRated Pilot says:

3:53 dead

Leny Quins says:


Paul Mullen says:

Imagine been at the maldives and this happened thats the reason i wont go there

angelistic the angel says:

Who would even stand there and rec when there's a huge tsunami?!!!!

John Smith says:

I’ll never understand how people laugh when filming this. How many people were currently being beaten to death and drowning in this?

anthony romano says:

Phucket coast…


Now THAT'S a BITCH!!! No mercy. Horrific and sad! I would not want the experience. These poor people were literally hanging on for dear life.

Ian Good says:

1:50 I would've thought the world was ending. To witness this live would be like standing by the twin towers when all those bombs went off and blew up the buildings. So insane

t mac says:

The sea was angry that day my friends. Like an old man returning soup at a deli.

Wheelboy58 says:

OMG, when I saw all those people carried away by the big waves, I was breathless. How many people have been killed by this tsunami? In 2004, I was 46yo working to my office and I remember of this tragedy in the South-Asia and all around. May God keep them close to him for eternity.

Monica Hartanty says:

God have power😭

TIm Dyer says:

This is not complete. The waves killed 100,000+ in Indonesia 50,000+ in Sri Lanka, thousands more around the Indian ocean. This clip is just Thailand, which also suffered.

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