Boutique City Hotel in Central Pattaya Thailand – Guest Friendly $30 Per Night

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This hotel is all about location, location, location. Sitting on Pattaya Tai and just a stones throw from Soi Buakhow and Tukcom, this hotel is right in the middle of Pattaya and about a 7 minute walk to Walking Street and Beach Road. Price is a little hefty for my standards but the hotel was very nice and it includes an awesome buffet breakfast in the morning. If you want to party your brains on
Walking Street and stumble back home with a lady friend this is the place to stay.


Heike Steen says:

thanks charlie, you must get PayPal i send you some 🙂

sani madhani says:

Nice hotels I have been there

Tom Gentry says:

It's strange that you don't appear in your videos

Hans Gruber says:

:06 Was there a power outage when he got dressed??

marvelv212 says:

Americans are really poor.

simone scelsa says:

Can you do more videos of Bangkok? Also can you focus on picking up girls, bar girls etc.? I know it would be more expensive but it would bring you more views. Keep it up with the good work

Gee Bam says:

hey cc, i dont share your opinion on online rates.. it really depends on the hotels, some are cheaper online, others are cheaper when bargain the rate with the front experiences in 18 years of traveling to tha

Gareth Harper says:

Is the sanctuary of truth worth a visit cheap charlie im out in November and looks like it's worth a trip

Michael Fitzgerald says:

Can you do a walk round LEK hotel on 2nd road cheap and cheerful hotel ? Great Vlogs Charlie

JohnstonPettigrew says:

YES……….you can bring ladyboi to loom!! (joking)………..nice video.

andrew ealam says:

I like to stay in 4or 5 star then you Price out all the Indians and Pakis Oh and the Cheap Charlies  only Kidding  Love your Vids

Despond says:

Do they expect tips over there?

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