Boeing 767-300 Landing at Phuket Airport (HKT).

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Aircraft on final Approach for Phuket Airport (HKT), very bumpy runway.


Abid Ahmad says:

Hi Mr Wolternik … nice vid .. thanks! But, i don't understand why you wrote ".. very bumpy runway"? Maybe this was your first flight-deck landing? Please note that once a plane has touched down and reverse-thrust is applied, the plane will shudder and shake even if the runway is very smooth.

wayne MARTIN says:

Any landing is a very good landing; But yours was "Perfect"

ddraguti says:

I thought at this airport the planes are landing only to the east No 27 side of the lane. Obviously not the case.

amc3 says:

Its a Thomson flight from the UK. Call sign "Thomson 576"

You can hear the FO replying to ATC at 0:46

amc3 says:

Perfect approach and landing….

Whiskey Second says:

I think this is orient thai right?

runsame says:

nice, nice… which airline was that?

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