BIZARRE FOODS Phuket, Thailand

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Ruth Singleton says:

I've ate stingray… It was yummy..This guy is brave.

Samol Duong says:

It may sound gross but that salted fish is delicious. Its not as fishy as it sounds. It's half dried half salted fish for a day so it's not spoiled. You it with rice and vegetables/pickles.

NoChill Hood says:

Who was eating while watching this?

A.R.M.Y Pain Buddy Pain CHOICE Pain says:

Wut, they eat that lizard? omg isn't it poisonous? Its looks like comodo lizard

Cecily Cook says:

I would die for tempura …. Use it a lot here!!!! VERY light batter

Cecily Cook says:

Aren't those bugs also known as sand fleas

don hezca says:

Ione of my favorite videos is the cowboy time eating chorizo menudo and barbacoa and he not eating as if is to good!

Juan Carrasquel says:

I loved this episode! I want to go there and everythingg!!

Michael Skalicky says:

I love this show I wish I had his job

just me says:

I always laugh when a person that eats McDonald's calls other food disgusting.

Vikram Mittal says:

This guy is ewwwwwwwwww yuck . Someone feed him some "food" . He is a human Dustbin.

the lone wolf says:

That shit is nasty asf

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