Billabong Hotel on Soi LK Metro — Also Busiest Bar in Pattaya!

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Unfortunately I lost some footage that had a great night of partying at this bar. This bar is one of the busiest in all of Pattaya with several hundred patrons and bar girls on any given night. It really gets pretty wild here. As you can imagine this location is pretty noisy but people who plan on staying up late and partying a lot it is a good location. Tier 2 City, Tier 1 Location


SavageScooters says:

Was there air conditioner?

Bob Brown says:

CCC: Sorry, I am not a party guy. Maybe an ok place for young guys. Thanx

Teo Kah Wei says:

How much is the room per day?

Mustafa Ali says:

Try and take a look (video review) of the apartment at Sugar Sugar Agogo, also at LK Metro. I heard that it's more spacious and clean…. just a thought!

blades Ultra lock laces says:

I love CC questions…. "can you bring lady room… ? "
in LK Metro … 😅😅😅 it would be a hell of a hotel that said no …😅😅😅
I love CC no ass shot going up the stairs this time (A gentleman) . Request CC shows us the door locks ..but another great location … and price …noisy tho…

Ontario Andrews says:

Good video …albeit a bit blurred at times. She was extremely helpful and friendly.

Sweet Guy In Pattaya says:

how you lose footage? you erased by mistake on your camera or what??

ishidacoolp says:

Just curious Charlie. Why do you move room to room so much? I thought you would find a good room and stay a lot longer. Instead of constantly going around. Love your videos.

Big Dan T says:

I stayed at hotel on LK Metro before. If you are a young buck who is going to be up chasing ass and drinking until 4am either way, then its a great place to stay. But believe me if you got a few years on you and you might want to crash at midnight or 1am, stay away from these hotels….LOUD AS F__K until 4am easy. Great place to throw back some beers though.

Ipoop Cash says:

Hey Charlie! I sent you an email. I would like to interview you. Would be great if you had time. Look forward to hearing from you! Cheers. Philip

Gary Sharples says:

Fantabulous Jamming session with a camera 💯☑️ yes it's always ram jam full, was there 13 Days ago & it was simply the best…………hang on there's a song about that 🤣🐨🇦🇺

Done Deal says:

Great Location!….. but not for a hotel room!

David says:

10k views in less than 48 hours, your fans are getting more

Sawas Dee says:

congrats 80k subs, keep on

Alfred Romeo says:

First time I have seen you on film Charlie!

Mike Gurv says:

Thanks for the video but what a dump. Still educational. Tells us where not to stay.

Fred Flinstone says:

A hotel room for fucking and partying… not for sleeping

scott stensrude says:

You’d need to take a few sleeping pills in order to get any sleep at this hotel

Gokul Nath says:

3 minutes video come on u can't be cheap even on video length

Lockbar says:

Let Charlie show what he wants to show. Its his channel.

kidagave1 says:

Great view! Look at all that concrete. Ooooh

Mark Gibbs says:

Great bar but you can not sleep if you want a night off and just stay in your room it is so loud but a fantastic bar.

Al says:

Not for the retired older gent.

Agus Saang says:

Nice location n btw keep doing this kind of vids. Cheers

Nick Lopes says:

Not bad for a room, but i'd personally rather have an apartment with a kitchen. Room good for short stay though. Thanks CC.

Brian says:

Thanks for the hotel reviews as it helps the newbies.
CC what do you think of the LK Metro hotel as I'm looking for higher end options in the Soi Metro area that is Girl Friendly. Keep up the great content.

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