Best Western Patong Beach Hotel | Seduction NightClub | Phuket Thailand ベストウェスターン パトンビーチ ホテル

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bare nekid says:

Way to Glamourize (or at try to) What is basically a Seedy Place in a frighteningly crappy town.. with …what once was…. a Lovely beach

Ramiro Ramos says:

Good morning sweetheart. If I like it. Oh my god is wonderful .you are so beautiful and cute congratulations to you.

Sac Car Scene says:

Mila you have such a cute voice, goes with your pretty face.

clippers4me says:

Dam I want to party with you!

Alberto Mebarak says:

Cute girl :3

Luxury Tech and Travel says:

really cool video and edit. a big like and sub from me x

Eli Zhen says:

Amazing club video edits. Makes me want to party in Thailand! Wooooo!

Ron Lai says:

Yay, Another fun video! Congrats on 2k! 😊

antzed1 says:

yes Mila, another good one. Hugs

Diosdado Sarco says:


Jason Ang says:

Nice video. Hope u will come singapore

Cross Jeniel says:

I love u milag

bigbro168 says:

Mila! I hope you will visit Toronto again!

Avery Watts says:

Looks like so much fun!! You really put some great videos! By the way Candy, congrats for hitting 2k followers on IG! You are absolutely amazing!!

Frank says:

Looks like a lot of fun

Hubert Chung says:

Hi sweetheart, I loved what you were wearing at the club. Beautiful lady.

ssmmy525 says:

OfficialMilaG – loved your video and the dress you were wearing.  You are very elegant!

geoff wong says:

very nice compilation. great editing and content..also,that guy in white has quite the dance moves haha

Mike Awesome says:

I loved it
Beautiful view

TheGuitarman1212 says:

hope you had a great time , i always enjoy watching your videos

FJ Judex says:

wow! beautiful place and you're gorgeous Mila :3 can i go there with you Mila? 😉

OfficialMilaG says:

If you liked this video, please let me know! Thumbs up or warm comments are always appreciated! I hope you enjoyed this video. Come back to my channel soon for more videos! =)

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