Best Thai Restaurant: Nahm Jim – Gordon Ramsay

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Gordon ramsay takes a trip to, thai restaurant, Nahm-Jim.

Gordon Ramsay in search of Britain’s best restaurant. Top restaurants from around the UK compete to win the title.

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Somkit says:

Nahm = water
Jim = vagina
Thai is a tonal language, so I'm hoping the restaurant does not really mean 'Vagina Water.'

Martin B Wongsakorn says:

Pronounce Nahm-Jim carefully 😂 It can be the word that means "pussy juice" pretty easy lol

ApplepieFTW says:

The guy in the beginning was playing 'Scotland the brave', if anyone wanted to know!

Naphon Tonitiwong says:

ว่าละ น้ำจิ๋ม 55555

Gear. SNW says:


L.V.H 麦わら帽子 says:

I love Thai food but maybe that's a bit biased since I'm half Thai lol

E-MaNN Yaj says:

Snakes on this god dammmmmn plane axe brotha

Michael Jefferies says:

For those of you who don't speak Thai, be careful how you say 'nahm jim' because although it's supposed to translate as dipping sauce, with a slight variant of tone, you could easily find yourself saying 'vagina water' instead. 'Nahm' means water. 'Jim' can mean dipping or vagina (depending on the tone used).


Lovely foods of Thai tasty!!! ^_^

Chaiyo Chai says:


Ben Johnson says:

Thai haggis wtf

Phissanuwat Muimongkol says:

Wow. I may not know here but I'm from Thailand .and my family owns 2 Thai restaurant

Joakim Nielsen says:

Bee is a cutie 😛

together nt' says:

Can you give me subtitle this video please?
I will take video to learn in my class.
Subtitle in Youtube is wrong.

hunks169 says:

Why did you upload small snippets instead of the whole show? Now I have to look for the video that shows who's winning, if there's one.

adda baba says:

At 1.09 he spit it out and say delicious lol, well it sad that gordon really hate spicy food
He alway spit thai food out when he try some of it

Timothy Kessler says:

Bottom Line – WHITE TRASH CAN'T COOK!!! Another LOW LIFE marketing ploy.WTF!!!

ukanian says:

bloody expensive mind you.

Hanirah Ramli says:

im a malaysian.. but my passion for thai food could never die..

MARK Got7 says:

นํ้าจิ้ม?  = =''   แต่งจานได้น่ากินมากกกกกกกกกก!  ><  

Sherchan Bishesh says:

"hall of flame"

g says:

the chef is really cute and attractive

b24harman says:

I love the proud to be Tai comments below. You should only be proud if your race has actually accomplished anything. Like wheels, light bulbs, cars, ….white people. 

MoRk KuNG says:

It mean Proud say poom – jai <3 I really love my king !

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