BEST Thai Food Restaurant in New York City!

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This is by far the BEST Thai food restaurant in New York City, so if you are ever in NYC gotta try this place out.

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Wilson Choy says:

1:27 isnt it suppose to be back wards😂 the girl should be the one who’s taking pics not the boys😂

Anna Yang says:

Definitely not the best Thai food place in NYC. Im not sure if its even good or authentic. On top of that their reactions are so awkward and overly exaggerated. Mostly the two on the left. The girl annoys me everytime she appears.

thepsychologistvjdj says:

it looks amazing, but sripraphai was the best thai food in NYC for years. i wonder if they have grown too large by now and faded out? i was a regular in the years before they expanded the queens restaurant and made it fancier inside. food was always great and the interior even looked nice last i saw.

Evelina Voltolini says:

Who takes the fourth bite?

Dyan Recto says:

supernatural!! also, love your videos mike!

Cylar fox says:

Where's the food? nothing there…

Dennis Nouansavanh says:

Dude this is the worst Thai Food I've seen. You should hit up Pok Pok and eat the Northern Thai Food.

Yao Li says:

I love how there's four of each item but they never show where the fourth one goes 😂😂

Alejandro Vasquez says:

I am so glad you don’t do collaborations with these fuckers!

rxuxtxh says:

Looks tasty but more Americanized than anything. I like Ayada Thai in flushing.

Neo C says:

Thank you for sharing a nice experience Mike, Dan and lady (sorry my bad). Food looks great and looks like a nice place to go for a lovely dining experience.

Mai Maitho says:

FYI, Tom yum can be made into 2 types, clear tom yum which what you guys was talking about and Tom yum gar-ti which cooked with fresh coconut milk. Nothing special about that, it just that many restaurant are too tight to spend extra cost or too lazy to go extra mile for customers.

Mohala Santharamohana says:

The Purple Blossom Dumpling looks like ectoplasm from space hahaha

HoloAllTheThings! says:

I have to say Pure Thai in manhattan is also bomb

Maha Tahir says:

Even mike knows this was no where enough.

Jack Z. says:

Don't. Ring them next time 😂

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