Best Thai Food In New York City

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The Nuaa Thai Restaurant:
1122 1st Avenue, New York, NY 10065

1. Tom Yum: spicy and sour lemongrass soup
2. Tom Kha: coconut galangal soup
3. Chor Moung: purple blossom dumplings
4. Moo Krob: crispy skin braised pork
5. Ka Nom Jeeb: blue crab and shrimp dumpling
6. Khai Lok Khaey: son-in-law fried quail egg
7. Kha Moo Panang: panang curry braised pork shank
8. Pla Tod: crispy skin whole Branzino
9. Massaman Nuer: slow braised short rib massaman curry
10. Ka Nom Jeen: colossal crab curry noodle
11. Gai Yang: kaffir lime infused cornish game hen
12. Pad Thai Koong: pad thai jumbo tiger prawn
13. Mango coconut mousse
14. Basil Gelato

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순두부 SoftTofu says:

Is Yi's name written like 一? (I extremely doubt it)

peakarach says:

Lao foods original.

ʕ ́•ᴥ •`ʔ says:

thai fusion food.

Bij says:

this meal was easily over $200 and completely worth it

Charles Russo says:

Thank u for that great Thai rest

Mackie Daren says:

Why some Thai ppl keep yelling that food looks too modern? You should be proud of your culture in the positive way, not barking! I'm Thai but I can't stand with the negativd guys. Anyways, the girl keeps saying "Royal" so that make us know the style of the food. Why Some Thai compared these to the "Home cooking" although it's NOT! Modern, and why? Thai food can't be pretty or modern? Anyways, Do you know "Chaow Wang" food & decorate? ชาววัง! They make the food neat and beautiful, eat small one bite with "Kreang" เครื่อง, so many in modern way since Rama 5th. These dishes are kinda like Chaow wang. How do I know? Because I studied Chaow Wang food & decorate and I've done Chaow Wang food before!!!! There're many level of the food around the world!

hu li says:

That abc woman is such an idiot !

Viktor Von fuling says:

This made me hungry.

50 subscriber with no Video? says:

What happened to Dan's arm

Jack W. says:

What the heck happened to Dan's arm?? He looks like he got burned.

Christian Guerrero says:

This looks amazing, i can only imagine how expensive this place must be, I guess its def worth ti if you can afford it.

Ajax PiPiFive says:

why you use fork? why not use spoon?

TGuyen says:

I can make a pretty tasty bowl of instant noodles

Cloud says:

eating a what…

MyLifeBeDone says:

look at Dan's elbow neat the end of the video, it's like he got bruised or a rash

Kim Kpop4ever says:

what happened to his arm

tpm1868 says:

damn girl, I Love Thai food, but I'd rather eat you. you look so bouncy, juicy, milky, delicious you

Alpha Frdz says:

question what are normal tomyum standards in New York cause I am from Malaysia and the tomyun here is always filled with spice and flavour

Skittles Flutter says:

Thai and Japan has the Best Rice.

Spanish Jo says:

Wah you are sooooooo pretty

whataname01 says:

Yeah, but it cost probably 5X as regular Thai food. Not everyone can afford it.

Ace Victory says:

0:26 look at dan's hand is he ok? 😭

Better Forever says:

Thailand has the best rice in the world.

Richard Rico says:

each serving seems so small. 😪

Petch Siripanitch says:

tom yam kung tasted good in thai but in usa it straight up sweet in thai taste spicy sour but not to sweet

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