Best Street Food in Pattaya, Thailand — Thepprasit Night Market

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This is the famous night market on Thepprasit road on the outskirts of Pattaya near Sukhumvit Road. One part of the market is clothes and goods and another part is food. The food is some of the best Thai food you will find in Pattaya, very good stuff. Pattaya is not known for having good Thai food but you can get great stuff here for 40-100 baht. Also lots of good snacks, drinks and cheap eats. This place is very popular with Thais and is also a nice place to people watch and hang out. You could spend hours here sampling all of the snacks and foods.

This market is only open on Friday and Saturday night and perhaps Sunday too I’m not sure. It is down the street from the Buffalo Market, which is a market for used goods in the city. If you have never been to this market come here, it is a nice experience.

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pnk67floyd says:

where was all this when I was there?

Breck Doesnotcompute says:

Next time you go to a market could you explore more of the stands selling goods that arent food. Every video on youtube at markets are about food .would love to see videos on clothing and art in the markets.

Bar Shrink says:

Which city would you say Russians prefer the most for holiday? Do they retire in Thailand like Westerners do? Thanks Charlie ! Great videos !

Daniel Tucker says:

I was in Pattaya  last month but unfortunately I didn't know about this place at that time, I am going back soon, could you tell me where it is please, Thank you.

Mick Philpott says:

Charlie, are tourists allowed to walk around with beers in the streets or markets? I drink alot, so it would be great if i could take my beers with me wherever I go without going to jail.

Destination Daddio says:

had a great feast when i was there. the food is fantastic

Victor Nunez says:

All the food looks really good. I'll be there in October.


Great vlog again. Now I want some papaya salad. The fellow at 8:33 didn't look too happy about you filming. I wouldn't care if someone was randomly filming streetlife around me, but that's just me.

Albert says:

that honey lemon soda looks amazing

My Lord says:

Let's see you in front of the camera sometimes, instead of just voice over. It is more friendly and seems to be the thing every successful Vlogger does.

Thirsty Traveler says:

Wow very nice.Now check up my channel.

Willy -D says:

This is like Willy Wonkas food factory ! Amazing

Ronald Honda says:

Street food is dirty and dangerous. It puzzles me why the government don't pass a law requiring vendors to cover their food. Think about the amount of flies that hover around bathrooms and then smear the food with bacteria. Think about the crowds of sick people that cough and sneeze and don't cover their mouths and food workers who go to the bathroom and don't wash their hands. I never eat street food nor use public restrooms.

haelewyn says:

Good theme.. the street food / thai food.
Also the hotels, show people what you can have for how little money… Good theme.
I never went to Theprassit cause it was rather far without motorbike. I should go there maybe.
Maybe a good idea to stipulate that there are 'real market's' where the Thai get their stuff..
and fake ones / tourist traps like near Jomtien beach for example.

1611Eric says:

Your cruelest video so far. Mouth running water, stomach growling while being stuck in the Amsterdam rat race with no chance of escaping any time soon.
I almost didn't look at the girls 🙂

Wd Flower says:

Which place is better north pattaya or south I would like to come can you tell me like clean beach and shopping

Chris L says:

Cheap Charlie, you can eat at that market just as cheap as cooking at home.
There are carts making stir fry for 40 b.
I'll be back in February
I'll buy you a beer and explore food option with you
Thank you for the fun videos

Marilyn Willett says:

what a hellhole

Victror V says:

10:25 you ever try the fried bugs man ))??

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