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Big Buddha by drone, Phuket’s best free beach AND the Similan Islands!

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We think Phuket is great to visit for around 5 days. Use it as a central point for your visit to Southern Thailand. The Rassada Pier can connect you with some of the more popular islands/destinations: Phi Phi, Railay Beach, Koh Lanta, Krabi, etc.

We got the best deal to the Similan Islands from the KMK Tour and Travel booth located next to 7Q Resident in Patong Beach. The lady there is extremely helpful and gives the best prices in Phuket!

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jake welder says:

Don't forget to give them your vote at These two deserve it.

Jacques Gerber says:

Hey Guys, Who did you use to do the Similan islands tour and how much did it cost you roughly. Cheers

Erika Alcazar says:

My name is Erika from Social Trinity. I work on behalf of Bucket List Travel Guide and Travelzoo UK. I came across your video of Thailand on your account such a great film so we would like to request a permission to feature you on our Facebook pages and credit your channel.

Our request is to edit a 60-90 seconds trailer of your film with royalty free music in 1080 x 1080 square.
Hoping for a positive response and thank you for your time.

Kind Regards,

rskbug says:

Why did the traffic cops stop you?

Georgia Ashley says:

Hey what Camera do you use??

Allabout Nannya says:

Btw april is the rainy season in Phuket xD

Allabout Nannya says:

There's a bigger bhuda in south Korea I've been there ~ mount sarok I think it's how u spell it

Southy says:

Thumbs up just for the ending alone. Funny as F#&K

Patamaphonke Krungtip says:

Who interested in Similan island you can contact me call :065-051-4825
Facebook : ptmphrn rk
Instagram : similan2001

Ivett Kovács-Frast says:

Hi, could you pls tell me where did you find that private beach on Similians the one you mentioned in your video?

jake welder says:

Two dislikes? Must be due to the powdered coffee and fogging lens.

stormcloudnine2 says:

How long does it take by mail to get your IDP with motorcycle endorsement?  We leave in 22 days.  is there a faster way?    Please and thank you!

Nomadd UK says:

PMSL at the last bit…. walk walk fashion baby SPLASH!!!

deer1412 says:

Welcome to Thailand , thank you very much to come travel in my country. We hope you will happy to this trip.

Joshua Yap says:

Hey, I have a question, do we need a international motorcycle license to ride one? Or its just fine having a license from our own home country?

ekim andersom says:

As from today, unregistered drones are illegal in Thailand and the penalty is up to 5 years jail.
Just a warning.

clippers4me says:

Been there twice. The first time was best a few years ago. Second time too many dam people. But the island is beautiful.

Tw Guitar Covers says:

I went to thailand 3 months ago

mr reise says:

Any recommendation on Krabi vs. Phuket? I've watched a few of your videos and they both look great but we'll have 4-5 days down there for part of our holiday and I know you said 2-3 in Krabi town would suffice. Just me and my girlfriend traveling together and most likely going to be using public transportation to get around. Great content on your channel!

Dennis harvatin says:

Great Vids, what time of the year were you guys there?

Mike Maddocks says:

Just found the channel – you're doing some great things! Awesome personalities, great editing, keep it up!

Bruecs says:

leave for se asia jan. 13th!!! Definitely my new favorite travel channel!

Rasela Ramos says:

Hi there! U should visit the philippines too!

Bill Goodman says:

Compulsory up the ass bikinis…

cats3xxx says:

That ending though. Lmao 😂

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