Best of Koh Samui, Thailand: top sights

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Top places, HD video, interactive map and photographs of Koh Samui, including information about the island, Nathon city, Big Buddha Beach, Hat Maenam, Hat Bophut, Hat Chaweng, Ao Lamai, Hin-Ta And Hin-Ya, Samui Aquarium, the Tiger Zoo, Samui Butterfly Garden, Samui Higlands, Na Muang Falls and elephant trek.
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val Tan says:

Everything is great except the elephant treks. I’ll never support that !

Geek Web says:

Love this! "Unique pentagon shape modern villa with seaview – Villas for Rent in Ko Samui #Travel" @airbnb

Eranda SPA says:

How about Eranda spa that should of been number one!

Mei Nung says:

The elephants live a sad and terrible life full of abuse. Please people dont support that !

Dustin Gohlke says:

Nice video, but for the elephant Trecking part you get a down vote. These animals are strongly abused to do this!

Natasha Kershaw says:

Could be the Asian alternative to Florida, because it's so colourful and exotic/tropical.

Passive Income Dude says:

i might go there in two weeks

Ella The best! says:

I'm here today 😏

Ans van Staveren says:

Lang geleden was ik daar…. Nu gaat mijn dochter met haar man, echt de moeite waard, voor mensen die verliefd zijn en BLIJVEN en nog verliefder naar huis terug keren

Ian Fraser says:

I visited Koh Samui 30 years ago and it's still great but has become VERY WESTERNIZED especially along the North and East coast. The good news is that it's a big island and there are still plenty of unspoilt places. Best time December- February. The interior of the island is still virtually untrouched, and the snorkelling can never be other than spectacular.

Elizabeth kekwald says:

How about the torture the elephant the people of tailandia doing

Mayass Hazzouri says:

How could you talk about nature, spirituality etc. and recommend elephant trekking at the same time…?
you're talking trash, it's fkn bullshit!

Brad M says:

Great video minus the elephant abuse. As some one who has seen first hand how much long term damage harnesses and the tourism industry do to elephants, I would highly suggest you never support any company that encourages elephant riding – especially with a harness (that cause infections, scars, tissue damage and lacerations).

Andrew Fletcher says:

Nice video. Shame it seems to support elephant trekking though.

Meerab Faysal says:

I also go to big Buddha Chewng beach it so fun there

Meerab Faysal says:

I also go to Thailand in December we stay in P and P resort

Ryan Wilson says:

So excited to visit Ko Samui this coming January. I've heard so many great things & you just reaffirmed that

gk10002000 says:

gosh I love those banana rotis!

heidiher1 says:

nice video, terrible to see people be so ignorant about elephant ridning.- if you like animals and words like freedom (so for God's sake, do not support it.)

Mathieu Tallard says:

You don`t say if is overcrowded and if getting an allover tan is easy….

Traveller - Flight Reviews & Travel Videos says:

Really nice video! We can´t wait to visit this beautiful island again! 😀

Pumski-Travel says:

Nice video and it looks allways more nice than Phuket. One can Koh Samui as well as love Koh Tao.

Mobile Topup - Thailand says:

Good video if you want to check out many beaches on Samui.

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