Best local Northern Thai food in Chiang Mai, Thailand

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The restaurant is called “Khao Soi Samer Jai” (ข้าวซอยเสมอใจ)
Located a little north east outside of the old city of Chiang Mai, Thailand.

This place is very famous for northern Thai food, especially “Khao Soi” it is definitely one of the best in Chiang Mai.

***Northern sausage or “Sai Oua” is also really recommended, not too spicy but very very flavorful (with pork)
I just forgot to order it that day, sorry guys.

Average price rage : 30-70 Baht per item

To get there : Taxi, Red car taxi, Scooter, car etc.
**Just type in the name of the restaurant in google map, the address is correct, I checked 🙂


Tiger Cobra says:

Wow your beautiful

jakemanza says:

This is a fantastic channel. I cant wait to nom down in Chiang Mai and attend some of your classes.

Carlos Somchai says:

Hi Pan, I just found your YouTube Channel and loved this video. Can't wait to see the rest. I plan on being in Chiang Mai in December 2018 and I will for sure try all your recommendations. Keep up the great job.

Scudly says:

Oh My Buddha, you are the hottest lady I have ever seen 😉

Rita Inthonity says:

ตามค่ะ ดูสนุกดีจังงง พี่ก็พูดเก่งมากกก

Adam Slater says:

Khao soi is my favourite food here in Thailand. So so good.

Suvimon Fedeli-Sanitpong says:

สวัสดีจ๊ะหลานสาว สุดยอด

หนึ่ง ปริญญา says:

อยู่เชียงรายครับ ติดตามแล้วเน้อคับ^^

Mendoza Arnold says:

Yes ! We love the food and your pretty face ,

Ricky chan says:

What the name of restaurant?

Charles Sohn says:

Introducing northern Thai food by a Thai suei lady in English is great! Also covering real Thai food pointers are excellent as well.

Greg Brown says:

The sound is out of sync to the video.

Mick Bradley says:

Have to say, I love your videos .. you have such a great camera personality. I have been to Chiang Mai many times and will be back on 2nd November for 1 month. Your Chiang Mai videos are making me too excited for all the great food I miss and can't wait ro go back to. Great job on your vlog. Thank You.

Jack Mountain says:

I live in Chiang Mai Thailand. Where is the restaurant?

Tanker Tanky says:

แกงฮังเลนี่แหละสุดยอดจานโปรดของข้าเจ้าเลย มันคือแกงกะหรี่ที่มาจากอินเดียแล้วเข้าสู่พม่าแล้วจึงเข้ามาล้านนาอีกที สังเกตได้จากการที่ผงฮินเลจะมีส่วนประกอบของเครื่องเทศที่หลากหลายทำให้ได้รสชาติที่มีความกลมกล่อม พิมพ์ไปก็หิวไป อิอิ

Thanakorn Kangthin says:

ทำให้หิว นานมากแล้วไม่ได้กินอาหารเหนือ แกงฮังเล น้ำพริกหนุ่ม ขนมจีนน้ำเงี้ยว

Sam A says:

Do you have an instagram?

FLOW Adventures 흐름 says:

Hi Pan 🙂 Just found your channel and I am really enjoying all the foodddddssss. Thailand is my second home!! x ~Luna

Eva K. says:

Amazing Food! The cuisine looks quite labor intense, a lot of ingridients. Sadly, here in Southern Germany, we don't have a lot asian restaurants because not a lot asians live here. But luckily the train to Paris takes only 3 hours.

Prapaisri Thichan says:


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