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Join us on our wonderful adventure as we explore the best hotels in koh samui…
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Video Made By – Lalita Niwratkum
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No doubt, prior to arriving in koh samui you will be inquisitive and excited to discover all of the best hotels in koh samui 🙂

The Amari Hotel is no doubt one of the best hotels in koh samui, the rooms are lovely, modern and of a great size. the service is far above the norm and the location and activities surrounding the hotel simply could not be better since the Amari Hotel is actually located directly on Chaweng Beach Road.

Todays adventures of the best hotels in koh samui start off with us arriving quite early and initially taking a lite tour of the premises just to see how we would like to plan our stay at the hotel.

Our first stop was our room and besides from the pure size, the coziness and modern features the other aspect that made it quite apparent that the Amari is undoubtedly of the best hotels in koh samui was the presentation of a hand written welcome card as well as a basket of actual macaroons on our bed.

Next stop on our adventure of The Amari best hotels in koh samui was the gym which was extremely modern and boasts the latest virtual reality fitness machines. The Breeze Spa which is the signature series of spa’s found across the board in every single Amari Hotel, extremely homely, marvelous energy and exceptionally well trained staff. Our last stop on day one consisted of us reviewing the very kid friendly double story family rooms to give you an idea of the contrast between the various rooms. The family rooms is extremely snug, well kitted out and just perfect for all family types. On that note, the Amari also has one of the highest rated and most sort after day care sections with extremely well trained staff and an almost unlimited amount of fun activities for them to do.

On the second day of our Amari best hotels in koh samui adventure we got to enjoy the breakfast buffet which as you can see on the video is second to none, from the quality of the food. selection available down to the very setting in which you eat in its all just exceptional!

We highly recommend The Amari Hotel to anyone wanting to visit in koh samui, enjoy the highest degree of service as well as bask in the kind of environment that ensures you not having to leave for odds and ends, absolutely everything is on site and that is why they are one of the best hotels in koh samui.

Our Mission is to experience all the wonders of beautiful Koh Samui, excitingly blog and Vlog all about our adventures so that you too can have a greater, more memorable, more exciting and inconvenience free experience here.

Our main focus are the most obvious things that you would be wanting to know about to better equip you for your once in a lifetime trip here, so… Hotel reviews, breakfast experiences, the best restaurants, amazing things to do, fun tours and of course any and all of the day to day things such as help with the language, helpful tips on negotiating, things NOT to do etc…


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Mike Waite says:

hey great video, and very enthusiastic…. i like that! my partner and I are going to this hotel in May…. you missed out the beach….. how was it? again great video, thanks!

L ROC says:

hey. any more videos coming 🙂

Tierney Diggens says:

We love the Amari though we haven't had the pleasure of staying since the renovations…we loved it before…and it looks even more beautiful now! The food was exquisite, we enjoyed the pool and the romantic dinners on the beach…and the service was excellent! We plan to return within the next few years…can't wait! Thank you for the lovely tour…brings back so many fond memories! Wishing you a lovely birth and I totally agree that becoming a parent is the most joyful experience in life…being the mother of five lovely children and grandma of five precious grandchildren!

Niels Christian Mohr says:

Thanks a bunch for that lovely presentation. Sure looks like a wonderfull place to stay. So luxurious and perfect in every detail. You must be so looking forward to the arrival of the little baby. It is such a fantastic thing to become a parent. Just about the greatest thing one can achieve 🙂 I am so looking forward to coming to Koh Samui myself and my family also. I have everything under control, well almost everything. Still working on a cake for my daughters 13th birthday on the 25th of June. Was told to ask Magnolia Koh Samui but not getting any responses, do you have any recommendations? :)Lots of love to you both 🙂

Ryan Richards Vlogs says:

Anyone planning on coming to Thailand, anyone ever been? Please let us know below in the comments below ! 🙂

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