Best Fine Dining Thai Food in Bangkok — Paste Restaurant at Gaysorn!

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Paste Bangkok at Gaysorn:

To eat some of the best high end fine dining Thai food in Bangkok, Paste Bangkok is the restaurant to eat at. The restaurant was originally located in the back streets of Thong Lo, but they moved to an updated location at Gaysorn Shopping Centre, located right in the heart of the Ratchaprasong / Siam area of Bangkok.

The menu at Paste Bangkok:
There are a number of dishes that remain on the menu year round, but the chefs are constantly coming up with new and exciting dishes and changing the menu. You’ll find a mix of dishes with culinary influence from around Thailand, while using high quality ingredients that are herb driven, and balanced to perfection.

Prices at Paste Bangkok:
Paste is a fine dining restaurant and dishes can range from 500 – 1000 THB depending on the dish you order. They also have a lunch special menu. For prices, expect to pay around 1000 – 3000 Thai Baht per person.

Dishes I tried:
For this meal at Paste Bangkok, here are the dishes we ate:
1. Ocean trout in an herbal sauce ปลาเทร้าต์น้ำยากุ้ง
2. Southern Thai red spanner crab curry แกงปูจั๊กจั่นปักษ์ใต้กับพริกไทยดำ
3. Southern Thai curry with salt brined chicken แกงไก่กอและ

The food was spectacular, and what I love so much about the Thai food at Paste is that the flavors are so incredibly well balanced and complementing of each other. Additional although it is Thai fine dining food, all ingredients are used for a purpose, not just for looks or decoration.

NOTE: This is not a sponsored video. I happen to know Chef Jason Bailey and Chef Bee Satongun, since when they first opened Paste in Bangkok years ago. And I wanted to come in to check out their updated location at Gaysorn shopping center in Bangkok. They wouldn’t let me pay for my meal, but it was my personal choice to eat here because I really believe they serve the best fine dining Thai food.

Paste Bangkok
Address: 3rd Floor, Gaysorn, 999 Ploenchit Rd., Lumpini Bangkok, Thailand
Open hours: Lunch from 12.00 pm – 2.00 pm and dinner from 6:30 pm – 11 pm daily
Prices: About 1,000 – 3,000 THB per person, lunch special for 1,100 THB per person

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Salman Al Salman says:

go to hell you are a big liar food for free

Zdravko Kos says:

Great video!

Julio Vargas says:

Ying is adorable ☺☺☺☺

Hasip Ha says:

Thanks Mark , we went and tried the food at Paste , the food was good , but the price was really high . Maybe because of the location . High rent fees

e5dy says:

so snob -_- stay with food understandable

alan maclean says:

come to scotland try spicy haggis and stornoway black pudding

Gina Sussan says:

Not trout…☹️ but Salmon…

D 3 says:

looks like wank to me.
Probably taste good though

Aara Bhayani says:

My dear I m hungry 🍔🍔🍔🍔

Adam H says:

Come to New Zealand

jurin nasution says:

Hair.. Mark.. I allways followed ur video.. i love to eat Thai food.. I like ur t also.. can I buy?

Carla Southwell says:

having experience in many different cultures; I appreciate your clear diction. I think its respectful to pronounce correctly

Joy Sen says:

4.46 it's really disappointing when Mark says "no chilli" :p

Nita Fields says:

I love this Paste Restaurant and foods that you and Ying had look so scrumptious! I place my husband and I will definitely visit! Thanks Mark.

Business & Pleasure says:

I always end up on this channel

SwanInnSongkran says:

Having lived in SE Asia for a number of years I will never understand why people go to these high end expensive pretentious restaurants. The average Thai restaurant at a fraction of the price serves food just as good or even better..Whilst I love your videos Mark these advertising clips for expensive restaurants just aren't necessary.

Anne Corey says:

It beautiful place and very good foods love to have good friends around you eat lots of good foods .Have you ever eaten bad food on your travels thank you for your hard work very good video.

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