Best Damn Thai cooking of Fried Rice ever!!

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Fried Rice recipe and cooking course especially for my viewers. I eat here every single day and you can see how they prepare food in Thailand in real time.

If you like this video I will film an entire series of how to cook Thi food videos and interview different Thai chefs from their kitchen or food stand.

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Haziq Ashraaf says:

SMG ? No thanks

Hansa says:

For a small bowl of rice, the guy scooped two spoonfull of msg for, enough with the pork powder that has a little amount of msg in it already. But hey, if msg makes fried rice taste good then pour the whole container of msg in the rice. LOL

Tomeka Tomlinson says:

Very cool thx.

Stroll Foodie says:

No wonder, it is so good. They added Maggi seasoning which makes the fried rice so good. Although MSG is not necessary in this dish. I would remove it.

Kurdapya Batungbakal says:

eating pringles while watching this

Sidewon Nimene says:

Love fried rice but msg is no bueno!!!!!

kcrem kcrem says:

unhealthy food too mush MSG seasoning

Delvon says:

This dude don't know what the hell is in his food lmao?

kimmy Vie says:

For everyone who is concerned about MSG, you should whatch a video on Youtube called 'wat doet ve-tsin eigenlijk met je' from Mingfang Wang Tijgerkop. In the video a professor of Wageningen University (NL) describes what MSG is in a scientific way. Guess what? MSG does 0 % harm to your body. He also describes that it is impossible to be alergic to MSG because in fact MSG is an amino acid, and you know what? Amino acids occur naturally in our body! Yes we produce MSG ourself lmao, it's even in breasts milk lmao. Science doesn't lie guys. The video is in Dutch, but it might have subtitles, not sure. Moral of the story: MSG does NO harm when used to flavor food. Now try and proof science wrong with your anti-MSG arguments if you have, ugh…


@0:55 Even the cook seemed hesitate to admit that he's using MSG. :/

Lee Henbery says:

Pork powder is very common additive to Thai food for extra flavour. You can even buy it at 7-11. For those that want to whinge. JUST DON'T USE IT FFS! Same with MSG!

phlymami says:

Great video but did the guy know you were planning on posting his recipe online for everyone to see or he thought you're recording it for your eyes only?

Meow says:

theres a lot of MsG in there, usually i only use a pinch of msg when cooking.. the taste might good because he use too much MSG but thats not healthy at all..

Ludwig Wittgenstein says:

MSG and powders, you're basically eating shit

Mr.Nice Guy says:

people so scared of msg.. no liable source of dmg that it will do harm.. but then they smoke and drink, drop E, take meds, flu shots that shit just gets you sick.. lmao.. fuckin idiots

Saffron's World says:

Do you speak the language?

unebonnevie says:

There is enough MSG in there to fry your brain cells!

Kathrine Barragan says:

Yummy! just drink lemonade with stevia and cucumber slices! keeps your body Alkaline…

Celismar Silva says:

The Thai guy didnt evem gave a shit

Amalgamaite says:

WHAT kind of oil did he use? and
is this THAILAND cooking? or TAIWAN?

BearStar1 says:

Hey ! I lived in Bangkok for 18 mos when I was stationed there in 1971 & 1st half of '72 and My Ex Wife is from Thonburi, Thailand across the river from Bangkok . I ate Fried Rice at least once a day , sometimes twice a day and it not have all of that stuff in it !!!

AL says:

😀 😀 😀 I bet you stopped going there after you saw how much MSG he put in your fried rice, huh?

Funked Up says:

MSG? Yuck and WTF is pork powder? Sounds very dodgy to me. Thai fried rice sounds like shit, now i know to stay away from buying Thai fried rice. I'll stick to Chinese fried rice.

Oh and dried garlic? What they can't cut fresh garlic?

Keith Smith says:

MSG is bad for the nervous system. Be warned.

Robert Ratskywatsky says:

.MSG should be outlawed. It was invented by a Japanese man 100 years ago and din't become common until the 1950's. Asian food has been prepared very well without it for thousands of years before. Yes it is naturally occurring but in small amounts. So is arsenic and cyanide, but u wouldn't want to add them refined. If u use good ingredients u don't need it. It just disguises bad ingredients – like pork powder and dried garlic – and is very harmful.

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