Best beach in Pattaya, Thailand and the Chocolate Factory Tour.

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Today I took my motorbike to Cosy Beach to get some footage of my favorite beach in Pattaya and visit The Chocolate Factory & Restaurant to get myself some home-made quality chocolate and show you guys this great new venue in Pattaya. Follow me as I drive my motorbike around Pattaya and share my thoughts and experience in this sexy sin city.

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Pattaya is full of international visitors and expats which I try to do documentary style, fun and informative videos about. With its many Go-Go bars, nightclubs, beer bars and sexy Thai girls Pattaya is a city that never sleeps with a wild and crazy nightlife.

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Paul Joseph says:

I meant to ask is the wifi on Cosy Beach?

Paul Joseph says:

Was wifi available from any of the bars?

Ronnie Sharabi says:

hi hola …i do my best to keep kosher, I'll be more than happy to explain to you face to face what kosher means….we'll catch up , by the way hola you have an accent , where is your background, where from?

Ronnie Sharabi says:

thanks again hola, nice to hear that you also live in London, I live in goldres green ( a Jewish boy ) but anyway I'll keep in touch with you as I mentioned , I'll be form the 1st of October for 15 nights

Ronnie Sharabi says:

hi hola , thanks for your reply, I have been in pattaya arrond 18 times, I know everything and anything, ha..ha . I just wanted to meet you, basically because I enjoy your video and I'm very much curious to meet the man behind The Voice , anyway be well and we'll stay in touch before my arrival. Ronnie from London

Ronnie Sharabi says:

hola , it's really pleasant to watch your videos, always cool and relax, I'll be visiting pattaya on the 1st of October for 15 days, it'll be my pleasure to meet you if possible . I'm Ronnie and I live in London

G says:

That part of Pattaya is an obvious choice for the Dank Army compound ; )

Rohit Dewangan says:

is this September right month to visit pattaya

BOON says:

ladyboy massage will offer you anal massage and fisting with coconut oils .

Marvi Marv says:

A video on the custom bike shop you mention in this video would be awesome.

on the dry says:

great video

PE D says:

I just came across your vids about one week ago…really like you perspective and commentary. Great job!

I've been visiting Pattaya for 15 years (70+ times) and looking to move there asap. I haven't spent much time around Pratumnak, aside from Kinnaree, but it seems to have a lot more going on. I like that beach. Any particular day/time the farang 'birds' frequent Cozy beach? On the drive you passed soi 11, is Heaven close to Cozy?

Keep up the great work. Thanks!

Lukefrancis Mcnamee says:

hi just watched your blog about best beach…??ive been to pattaya many times ..but never heard of that beach ..??love the peace..and privacy…where exactly is it..?? I go to a few beaches around patternak….?? very good blog..take care…

George M says:

No offense to the uploader but I have been watching different videos from different perspectives at first i thought pataya could be a great place but i have since changed my mind…unclean water and beaches h i v…unclean hookers ,whores and whatever your taste is will not make me spend thousands of bucks to be exposed to this shit..i will go to the carribean any time over this cesspool of humanity no matter what your accent is

DANK TIP says:

Ill be sure to keep my eye out for your bike. Il be the one that side swipes you of your bike you fkn idiot.

Mark Morse says:

That beach looks brilliant


Much too long…bit boring. Under 10 ins would be much more ideal! IMHO

Todd XoX says:

Hey I like the GPS moving map, , what app are you using to do that?

Rude Potato says:

Love the GPS! Spending a few months there this winter and it really does help the viewer follow where you are. Great videos!

Alan Bodell says:

I went down the steps there a few years ago and had a great day out except for the masses of jelly fish that washed up so couldn't do a beach stroll but it is nice, the only other nice beach apart from Jomtien is down by the Asia Hotel, again very secluded and as you said here frequented by mainly Russians.

Willie Orwontee says:

Looks like a nice beach to enjoy drinks and scenery with friends. But yet another Thailand beach where you might not wanna touch the water.

Willie Orwontee says:

Just your accent alone has me laughing. Even before we get to the "muchachos". Keep the videos coming….

Jazz Man says:

Good video Can we see your motorbike ? And can you tell us where to rent or buy a motorbike? Thank you

cdnski12 says:

How clean is the sea water?

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