BEST All You Can Eat FRUIT & SEAFOOD Buffet in Bangkok Thailand!

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I can’t leave Bangkok Thailand without finding some all you can eat buffets and just demolish everything. I went to a all you can eat fruit buffet and then went to the Mandarin Oriental for some of the BEST Seafood Buffet!

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Nonentshe says:

Hey Mike, great channel bro… I'm vegan this is my favourite video. Thank you

Grim Reaper says:


mmmpathy says:

14:16 Tom Kha Gai – yeah, this soup.. its the soup of dreams.. I have do make it myself every month since I first tasted it.. I drive to the big town only just to get the rare ingredients (at least here in Germany) for it, like the Galangal (not Ginger as he said.. same botanical family, two different tastes.. and btw not only great taste but also the most potent herbal heart medicine in the world btw.. can even stop heart attacks if eaten when you have one!) or the Keffir Lime Leaves.. (which give a wonderful flavour)

Fishing4 Fun says:

Can you show us how to cook the chicken and mushroom soup you had

MY Xiong says:

That buffet is so clean and nice and with so much delicious food options and deserts! Going on my bucket list.

Devika Agashe says:

the translucent,white fruit is from a palm Mahrashtra,India, we call it 'tadgola'.it is very delicate.

Monique Lee says:

Oh, and I forgot to mention you should come over to Duluth GA, they have great Korean BBQ and hot pot I’ve heard. .

Allen Lau says:

Btw you've got rich sugar mummies sitting behind you 😉

Allen Lau says:

Kudos for being honest with your opinions!

Never Time says:

"I didn't eat this yet but I'm already feeling better about my day." lol

Mimi Le says:

Snake fruit … I can’t handle it lol

lorna shoeswomen says:

How much was the fruit buffa

Bobbie Ebert says:

One great thing about you Mike is you have a sense of humor to break the ice from the foods you don't like and this makes your show stand out from many others I've watched. All the best.

One Journey says:

This is a candy store…sign me up … outstanding adventure

Fark Que says:

AWESOME!! Thanks Mike. I love all your buffet vids, and will definitely visit this place when I'm in Bangkok in Feb!!

nathan0717 says:

Meatheads skip to 7:35

nathan0717 says:

This is a fruity video

Marc Caldwell says:

Bangkok food, whether upscale or on the street, blows so much of what is in the U.S outta the water! Damn I miss Thailand.

Melody Hang says:

Fresh fruit buffet?! Hell yeh!

GKMstudiocreations says:

15min: "don't tell the fish" or you'll be sleepin with them X3

Nirvana Candova says:

How much did they cost again?

Hank Xiong says:

Lol"who took of their shoe?!!?"

Doris Vincent says:

"You're not trying to get it to watch your back in a bad neighborhood. You're trying to eat it." -Mike Chen on the dangers of tough lamb meat

olive says:

the unlimited macarons….. macarons in canada is like 2.50 each …. .wtf….

Paul Gattuso says:

Thanks for the vids Mikey.We here in Philly have a small but excellent china town, Vietnam town and little Italy.All good,ciao brotha.

Muhd Asyraf says:

very funny reactions…. hahahaha

Sten hård says:

They gave you spoon because it's bad manners to put a fork in your mouth!

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