Beginners Guide to Thai Cooking – Tom Kha Soup, Papaya Salad

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It took me some time, I won’t lie, but I finally got around to getting part two of Thai Cooking, it’s worth it, trust me. Two very popular dishes that people often mess up. We got you, plus another treat. Papaya Salad and the Tom Kha Soup will knock your socks off.

this is dope, you can buy the equipment and ingredients from this video here:

follow Derek and his Thai cooking madness on Instagram @makebistro. Best instastory in the game
He also does private authentic Thai dinners in Brooklyn. Yes, Derek is not Thai, but honestly, even Thai people are obsessed with his cooking, it is that good.
Watch his glorious Pad Thai recipe here:

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Som Tum ส้มตำ (Papaya Salad)
Tomo Kha

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Rawisra Marko says:

You added tomatoes in too soon. We, Thais, don't smash the tomatoes. We just add them in toward the end and just pound lightly so they don't get beaten up too much.

Elsa&lisa says:

I would cry if you strained that soup, it would lose its character.

Xerxex says:

you forget roasted peanuts in som tum!!!!!!!!!!!!

Linda Langrell says:

Love the teaching on ingredients. I am going to learn to cook authentic Thai. Thanks for your insights!

Cassandra Osborne says:

How do you shred a papaya yo

Tin Kan says:

You guys are so cute.  Look like you have fun together, I wish I can do that too.  I'm Thai and know how to cook well, feel fee todiscuss anything about Thai food, will be glad to help…Tin K.

Tin Kan says:

SomTum looks pretty good, I'm sure it tastes good too.

Tin Kan says:

You guys are so cute would love to have you in my kitchen.  I'm a Thai old man, love to cook Thai.  I live in St.Petersburg, Fl.  I'm very knowledgable with authentic Thai cooking, will give you any answer on Thai cooking.  Or you can come over to cook with me…:)

T n00bz says:

In reference to the greeting mentioned at the end, I can't speak for Thailand, but in China a common greeting roughly translates, "Have you eaten today," which is in reference to the the great famine spurred on by Mao's "Great leap forward"

Fractal Universe says:

Love me some drug jokes to go with cooking 😃

Leung Joyce says:

It's really nice to see brothers green cooking Asian food and introducing Asian food into the western culture, I'm Asian from Hong Kong and I lived in the states for 5 years, and I found myself missing Asian food so much when I was in the states, didn't realise how tasty Asian food can be until you missed them!

Shawna Goodwin says:

morning glory is it the same thing as the weed that grows all over everything and smells bitter I don't understand what the morning Glory

Phupana Kandchand says:

If you can't find galangal (ข่า or Kha) just try making other dish. It's Tom Kha. Without Kha (galangal) it's not Tom Kha.

Mix Ball says:


Phoebe says:

I just made the Tom Kha soup using prawn stock instead of water and it was amazing 👌👌

joe651dzd says:

and also, why not use shrimp stock instead of water? i feel like it would be boring with water

joe651dzd says:

thai guy is so stoned

J Gam says:

lol are people really that mad that you guys were chilling and tasting as you go?? that's what you do when you're cooking lol especially when it's delicious!! coming from personal experience when cooking dishes like these….the balance in flavors is so subtle that you can tell when one is standing out more than it should, it's a lot of trial and error and they're tasting it as its reaching their preferred flavor. quit getting worked over nothing, they're chilling and having a good time no need to be so formal and not interact with your food and each other lol

Lorde colonna says:

did you put it into your mouth and put it back yakkkk

Laura Wilson says:

I'm pescatarian, whats my best options for proteins in thai food?

Roger J Doucet says:

By the time that soup is done cooking, there's not going to be any left.

Gadidhem Balaji says:

good thai food but please tell the ingredients clearly in the videos….

Watcharaporn Kenmuang says:

ฝรั่งทำอาหารไทย !!!!!!

tt_lakshmi says:

I love you guys for posting this!!!! Keep going!!!

Vincent Graves says:

Never loved tom kha, I prefer Tom Yum Kai (Chicken Tom Yum) but good job anyway.

Randolph Thomas II says:

What if you like Asian food but can't have a lot of sodium? I'm restricted to 1200mg a day for blood pressure. What are my options?

Pieter Bassie says:

Fantastic video, fantastic gues aswell! I learned alot, I don't have many thai recipes in my repertoire yet, but this inspired me for sure! Thanks for the channel and for this video in particular!

Albert Lovejoy says:

The "Have you had rice yet?" question is done a lot in Chinese culture. Not sure if they also do it in Thai, but that's how you greet friends the majority of the time in places in China (experienced it with Cantonese people)

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