Beginners Guide to Cooking Thai Food (Part 1)

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for more Thai recipes check out Derek’s awesome site here

this is dope, you can buy the equipment and ingredients from this video here:

Thai food is incredible, there is no denying that. It is popping up more and more around the country, Thai restaurants are crushing it these days. But the problem is a lot of the thai food we know is really Americanized Thai food that has little to no relation to the real stuff. Our buddy Derek is here to help you change that.

He has become an incredible Thai cooking over the past year and we wanted to share some of his favorite recipes with you guys, really get a feel for Thai food and what makes it so damn delicious.

Enjoy the series, this is only part one. It focuses mostly on Northern Thai food.

1:34 : Essential Thai Ingredients:
fish sauce
palm sugar
thai bird chilis (sub long pounded chilis)
lime juice (white vinegar)
kaffir lime leaves
galangal (don’t sub ginger!)
fermented yellow bean sauce
oyster sauce
water spinach/morning glory

5:03 : Nam Tok Neua : Waterfall Beef Salad
Dressing :
palm sugar 1 heaped tbs
chilis 2-3
juice of one lime
fish sauce 1 tsp
kaffir lime leaves 2 heaped tbs
lemongrass 3 stalks
shallot 1-2
flank steak
Salad :
scallions handful
mint handful
cilantro generous handful
rice powder 1 tbs
Combine dressing ingredients in a mortar and pestle, set aside. Coat steak in fish sauce, sear on high heat until medium-rare. Rest and reserve liquid. Cut steak into bite-sized pieces, combine with all salad ingredients except rice powder. Then add dressing and rice powder: garnish with additional rice powder.

12:05 : Moo Tod Gratiem : Fried Pork with Garlic
Marinade :
6 cloves garlic (mashed with salt)
coriander seeds 1-2 tbs
fish sauce 1 tbs
dark soy sauce 1 tsp
pork shoulder finely cut
Combine all marinade ingredients, mash to release flavor of coriander seeds and garlic. Let sit overnight. Deep-fry in a wok in shallow oil until browned to desired level of deliciousness.
Place on paper towel to drain.
Garnish with fried garlic, cilantro, and chilis.

All music was recorded original music by Josh Greenfield,
or credited below:

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Rawisra Marko says:

I just noticed that you chopped off the bottom part of the lemongrass and you used
the top part. What did you do with the bottom part????

Sahara A says:

I really couldn’t continue watching your cooking because of your foul disgusting language!!!

Elsa&lisa says:

It's so nice to see your enthusiasm, I love all the herbs and greens. Also that you kinda described the ingredients, and…the importfood site is great! Good Job!,

Junk Mail says:

Doesn't take 4-8 hours to soak rice. If you're in a hurry soak in hot water for 30 minutes.

Lily Soth says:

I'm not Thai but I can Cook Thai Food everything! You name it I'll make! Asian is just so beautiful and just lovely!

Gadget Girl66 says:

I'm binge-watching your vids today. You really make me want to start cooking again.

Andy Hoadley says:

I am in heaven! This looks amazing.

David Grant says:

These plastic cups dudes, where can I buy these plastic cups.

70CC ภักดีวงษา says:

R U kidding me? I'm thai. When i saw you made it. I feel so shy. You r the best chef.

Nathalia Porras says:

I've never seen an American ever take so much time to learn about another culture and respect and honor that culture through its food. This made me proud and I'm not even from Thailand 😂 👌🏼 Thai food is my favorite!!! Amazing job looks delicious! I enjoy Thai food the most because of it's wide range of herbs and vegetables!!! 👅 SUBSCRIBED!!!!!!!

Max Crisologo says:

My dawgs its been a year where'd pt2 go

Amer al-khaldi says:

I can't find part 2

epiccollision says:

Kaffir is basically the n word for Arabs , maybe just lime leaves…I'm sure they weren't aware

Ronan Pandit says:

Never heard of anyone soaking rice for 4 hours

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