BEAUTIFUL THAI GIRL IN MY HOTEL | Vlog 30 | Pattaya Nightlife 2018

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Travel video about life in Thailand. From this vlog you can learn the name of popular night flowers growing in Pattaya, how a room looks in Centric Sea Condominimum, how you can translate popular thai song which sounds in all famous night clubs and discos in Pattaya on Walking Street. In the song there is a play of words from Isaan and Thai languages. What thai girls think about farangs and a lot of other interetsing things…

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Travel and Nightlife videos from main tourist destinations in Thailand: Walking Street, Soi 6, Beach Road and Soi Buakhao in Pattaya; Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza in Bangkok; Bangla Road on Phuket; another islands Koh Chang, Koh Samui, Koh Samed. Also videos about life in Thai Village on the North of Thailand in Isaan province

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Achilles says:

Man, she is hot, you are so good at finding so many hot girls.

smut1985 says:

Dont tell me that you dont have a porn collection of your thai trips 🤣

Chan Mark says:

Wht condo is this? And is it BNB?

Rohit Genne says:

hey Dude you back to Thailand ?

skippy 1 says:

Bikini mafia girl

nairb9321 says:

This girl is pretty, that's it. But Hanny I wouldn't take to a dog fight if she was the defending champ. Bad all the way around, lousy attitude and personality sucked.

william holliday says:

DAWDY,I have been in 27 countries, and looked at millions of girls. She is the most beautiful girl that I have ever seen I never believed in Angels until now. I wish that I was about 30 years old and had $300 million dollars. I would like to meet her.

Nico NmH says:

Very cute girl

Clinton Pearcy says:

This one looks like a winner. Fingers crossed that she doesn't end up being a psycho.

oncall21 says:

I'm really enjoying following your vlogs. Nice to see another perspective on girls and Pattaya/Thailand. I'm heading back in four weeks. Thanks for sharing.

altidgodt84 says:

Just woundering, but when you go to Thailand. Do you travel whit friend's or alone? Course i just booked my first time to Thailand/Pattaya for a month in May. And I'm alone (33 Year's old) Course i whant to party all day and all night 😂

davebnly says:

These really shouldn't be getting posted on YouTube without the girls permission. Clearly she did not allow you to post this online 😕

Fucking President says:

No footage of your Boom Boom???

Steven Lee says:

Thai women are very hot and openminded. The most openminded Asian nationality in my opinion. Not so materialistic, arrogant, and fake like their Chinese, Korean, and Japanese counterparts. They are natural beauties, humble, and openminded. What else can a man want from an Asian woman.

Leo Monge says:

Hi Az, hey man you have to come to Costa Rica. I´m pretty sure you won´t regret it. Just decide and let me know, i can show you the most beautiful girls.

Rama Magarine says:

Nice Nice Bro , i wish i can come all years to Pattya 😀

Darry says:

she's ok,but I've had better…

morphix007 says:

hmmmm I don't stick cameras in girls faces..

Campitos Dj says:

2nd part in Xvideos

Bert Smith says:

Wow soo beautiful,,, want to come there ,,,

squiz955 says:

Your good comrade I want to see more adventures with this one
Thanks Alex

Steven Shen says:

Hi friend, what's the name of boom boom song??? SHAZAM can't recognize it..

[-_-;] says:

Wow, she's beautiful. How did you meet her. Is she a bar girl or gogo girl. How much time did you spend with her. Can't wait for the next video of her. I'm already planning my own trip to Thailand later this year!

Kathmandu N says:

Another great video my friend, the best YouTuber from mother Russia, a drink of the finest vodka to you and to your adventures in Thailand

Giordano Paolo says:

Yes she's nice but Hanny destroys her in 3 rounds…

Nazari Ahmad says:

She got aids

Chris Njoki says:

Now this one is very pretty. did is say pretty. Pretty hell no. She is beautiful.

strangebrutoo says:

Very pretty girl, and seems very intelligent.  And because she's intelligent, she's giving you a look right from the beginning, that says "why the hell do you constantly keep taking videos of me, what's wrong with you".  Hehehe.  I feel that she's not going to let you do videos too much.  It annoys her, just like Hanny.  But I guess I will see, LOL.

MilesDei says:

I hate to see ya go but I love to watch you leave!!

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