Beach Road Pattaya Walk Around 2018

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Second Visit To Heaven

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Appu Nahasapeemapetilion says:

you are more into promoting your patron than uploading good youtube videos nowadays!

EvilSecondTwin says:

Good video. Thank goodness that fag, bitch music didn't last long.

Go1 says:

Not many girls shown. N stunners out that night !

Rihan Al Biruni says:

merci de nous faire partager la chaleur de la nuit… Ces jolies filles sont toutes aimables!

Laysia Tube says:

The sluttier they dress, the more likely it is they are a ladyboy.

Brummie Brink says:

lots of nice girls on beach road at night, its difficult to choose. Make a good deal and have good talk to the girls. You can have great nights with them. Long Time ore Short Time. Had much ladies for Long Time

Parrales Fernandez says:

S̄ìng mī chīwit pælk prah̄lād prākt̩ bn chāyh̄ād k̄hxng pratheṣ̄thịy

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