Beach road Pattaya Thailand. Day walk

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In this video you will see a walk along Beach road Pattaya Thailand at the evening time. Thai girls and ladyboys waiting for customers.

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Chris Walsh says:

Good video, its nice to see places shot in different ways.

Ian Henderson says:

absolute rubbish

vf traveler says:

It would be very informative if you put up a little banner marking a few of the Soi as you pass them.

vf traveler says:

I liked the video and am wondering what camera you use. It is interesting to see that posted in the comments above.

Wail fmh11 says:

Awesome vids. Keep it rolling…

The Toronto Skyscraper Blog says:

Girl at 8:12 is on drugs, I saw her a couple of weeks ago in the middle of the street holding up traffic and dancing in the middle of the day. The only girls during the daytime are at the monument near the central section of the beach road- opposite the Mike's Mall. And those girls are scruffy and rough looking. {also they are short time specialist – they don't like doing longtime, in the day so don't waste your time if thats what you want} better to go at night time, lots of cheap girls, I even found one for 500 baht short time, and 1000 baht long time, and she is a sweet lady. i took her for my date all night.

Markus Olsen Haug says:

so the only thing was the fucking " thai girls and ladyboys waiting for customers" yeah old man( you probably old) maybe for you, you go to that beautiful contry just to get laid cause you dont get any ladies in your own country. Its a lot to see in Thailand, pattaya as well. Not just the ladyboys and thai girls who need to work their ass off just to get money cause they dont have any fucking education because they are poor. You can visit a lot of cool malls, streets, parks, zoo, tempels, beaches and sunset. Alot of good food, at the beach as well. And all you can write in the fucking bio is "thai girls and ladyboys waiting for customers"? I get so mad of people like you. – Nadia, half thai and half norwegian.

EvilSecondTwin says:

Good video, cowboy.

Guido DeMaio says:

On beach rd, you can walk up to almost any girl there and start a conversation, in the states she might call the police..haha

Cor Verkerk says:

Where are all the working girls?
Early retirement?

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