Beach Road PATTAYA, Thailand – A voice narrated tour 2016

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It is always entertaining walking down Beach Road in Pattaya, Thailand. And today is no different. Located just south of Bangkok in Thailand, Pattaya is full of international visitors and expats which I try to do documentary style, fun and informative videos about.

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Pattaya is full of gogo bars, nightclubs, beer bars, sexy Thai girls and is a city that never sleeps with a wild and crazy nightlife.

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Mohammad Azad says:

How much are the charges for full night boom boom

MilesDei says:

Out of all the Pattaya channels I really think your videos are the cream of the crop!, I really enjoy them, keep them coming!

Donde Fact says:

I enjoyed this video but is it really necessary to denigrate the people you film? As in "look at these old faggots holding hands." Did it occur to you one was unsteady and needed support?
And then calling them names like Mr. Magoo. Who the fuck are you?

MrEye4get says:

Swimming in the water at Pattaya is worse than swimming in a toilet! Go elsewhere if you want to enjoy the beaches!

Sylvia Orosco says:

He spends a lot of time focusing on gay men…

TonyC says:

Great video and commentary as always. Maybe in a future video you could talk to some charming Thai girls on our behalf? Get some flirting going on. Thanks, take care.

Ian Sleeth says:

nice relaxing video. I'm looking forward to visiting Pattaya in December.


HI i like your videos very much. i would love to visit PATTAYA,,, but at 80 years old ,i think my days have long gone but such beautiful woman.. could you tell me what camera you use for these videos thank you

colin darling says:

No that is a deception … The young girl with the elderly man with the walking stick is only after his money. She is told by her family to hook up with older Western tourists and stick with them for the duration of their stay and even have sex with these men so to get their money to bring back to their family. Its is not cause they genuinely love the men . It is all a deception. OK the extremely rare occasion they will genuinely fall in love with you but normally this is not the case. Its very sad , and that's the sad reality about Thailand compared to other Asian countries

Johno F says:

I was surprised how many Thai people were running along beach road. A few cuties too, I almost dropped my beer a few times!

David Bachmann says:

Finally, a 'real' guy who stops and looks at the ladies, thanks for the nice shots!!

DAG 43 says:

Just love your style of commentary. You make the vlogs very entertaining. I suspect that English is not your first language but your command of the vernacular is truly outstanding.

Kenny Johnson says:

Lightning should strike those to queers…LOL I bet those scumbags wouldn't be holding hands then with lightning popping around their azz's….. nuke all homos sterilize the world

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