Beach road Pattaya Thailand. A girls are back!

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In this video you will see walk along Beach road Pattaya Thailand at the night time.

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What’s going on Pattaya Thailand right now
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Senan Qasimov says:

How much money do you have sex with a woman in there?

Senan Qasimov says:

Orda bir kadınla sex kaç para?

dariusz zbigniew Rudowski says:

a unique place

gakenh01 says:

A lot of sex and dirty girls; just what I like! Plus, there's also a 2 for 1 deal 20:52.

Satornino Mascarenhas says:

Are u counting how many ladyboy in street

Maalik Tv says:

Damn man, there are more Indians in Pattaya than native and foreigners! Scary.

taalofaa says:

Indians always walk in groups and i guarantee one of them will purpousely bump into you. If you stumble and fall a robbery will occur. If you shout at the offender his friends will jump in and when the argument gets hot you are in a fight with many not one.
I guarantee they carry weapons such as mace or something to stick you in the ear or eye with.
I walk right into them these days and always choose to kick ,push, or elbow bump one or two. I also stand, wait and dare them to go into their shit.
I notice in hotels when they take a girl he has to have friends there who also have sex with the woman. Red planet kicked one out and police arrived when he would not let the woman leave.

Paul Arthur says:

one of the best vids for having a look at these girls – thanks for posting

Ray Maccioni says:

Ricuman, I know what these girls are supposed to do, but no one in these vlogs actually films an approach and acceptance.

fantastic taste says:

come on now folmarin come on now folmarin
chaill how manny folmarin how man that you
chaiil last pipo…koh…nurh..nure…^^

Ray Maccioni says:

Thank you Shane Bairstow for a honest good reply to my question. I want to know more about the services they offer and the cost.

Shane Bairstow says:

What time of night is this please .

DennyWizard says:

You don't stop to check these girls out – ???

EvilSecondTwin says:

Great video. No bitching like other bitches in the comments.

Guido DeMaio says:

A lot of girls there now, I wonder where they all came from?

Ray Maccioni says:

Does anyone ever stop and talk to these girls?

Model Chaser says:

Blurriest 1080p I've ever seen.

isa Salah says:

Pattaya so nice alwyes

John Holsopple says:

Looks like the Coconut club is back in business

Саша пупкин says:


Dwayne Midson says:

The girls at 3:55 looked nice!

Brummie Brink says:

Great video, had good times with beach road girls. Lots of them.

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