Beach Road Night Walk After Dark – Pattaya, Thailand 2018

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Beach Road Night Walk After Dark – Pattaya, Thailand 2018


Rogue Male says:

I was there last month and used massage parlours on soi bukhao-got the works for 1300baht and I didn't have to worry about stuff going missing from my room.
Or paying for extra meals,drinks,etc if I got snared for hooker-cum-girlfriend scam.

Willy M says:

hmmmm… why am I always charged 3000 to 3500 for LT all the time? I am just average looking middle age Asian… definitely not repulsive or stinky… just normal average guy… I guess I am getting screwed 🙂 haha.. pun intended!

Mr 1 says:

If you have nice muscle body with six pack, can you get this ladys free ? When i was in phuket i ask some girl for fun the price she answer me 2000 baht because im young with big dick… :S

reaganova M says:

nice video bro…last time i was in pattaya was january 2017 ,a year ago…missing pattaya…will be there in a month …..looks like there are more pretty girls on the streets now!!!! last time i was there were ugly fat one….cant wait to get to pattaya

Where's Waldo says:

I'd like to know what the elbow test is too!

Mustafa Ali says:

3 videos like these….. I love watching them all. The sweet, sexy lady with BIG BOOBIES near Soi 13/2 (Pizza Hut) is hot and sexy to me 🙂

Christer Stefansson says:

If im not sure its a lady or a ladyboy i always look for the adamsapple… I got fooled twice in Jan 18 ..

Christer Stefansson says:

Around 3at night u can get longtime for 500 couse they wanna sleep anyway (save for the yahbaa /Ice girls who dont sleep for 3-4 days due to the amfetamin intake )

Christer Stefansson says:

Prices are 500-700 on beachroad . If they dont like you they say 1000 for one houer to get rid of you…

Alan Hamby says:

why do you mess with the speed and have the sound track added (so high)? Are they attacking the camera people that much there that you have to hide it in a bag and so it ends up with the angles? I've been watching and considering a trip to visit but of late the videos all look more and more like this.

Richard Thomas says:

Did you see that one scratch her fangita !

Roland d'Agen says:

Thanks for yours videos !!! Sorry, wath's the "ellbow" LB-teste ???

YI Kevin says:

thanks for your beach road video,learned a lot

mralfiebob says:

Is it just me, or is this the third time in 24 hours this vlog has been released?

Taekhyun Lee says:

I am really wondering if you don't get demonetized with this kinda footage. I really hope you get paid! This is a kinda hard work, haha.

Parrales Fernandez says:


Tong Black says:


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