Battle Trip | 배틀트립 – Ep.55 : Phuket mon Tour [ENG/THAI/2017.06.30]

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– Ep.55: If you think of Thailand, it’s Hong Seokcheon! Phuket expert, Seokcheon, who has been travelling to Phuket for 20 years, takes Yoon Bak, a newly rising eating star, on his first ever Phuket trip! Seokcheon and Yoon Bak’s Phuket trip where they enjoy Phuket to the fullest!
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S-Cute says:

im from korea i vote bali 🙂

Vgo Vol says:

Phuket of course also beautiful, but you cant compare phuket with bali. Bali too beautiful for me. If you see in that video they just eating. There is no interesting place like in bali. And the price just little different but in bali you got everything. The view, nature, culture, souvenir, food, and the friendly local people. Thats why bali being the paradise island.

Sittichai Chanlan says:

Why many indonesians in the comment section didn't respect what the result is! if you open your mind and find out the truth, you will know why mostly of foreign tourists choose thailand more than your country, even only in bangkok has more than your whole country. you said your people are nice but try to look at back each comment of yours, i think there is a conflict in itself. i don't mean thailand is the best or better than others, every place is beautiful in its own way, but there are many factors that people use where they go.

Aira Yusoff says:

I must say..the best tour guide so far in Battle trip would be:
Dara Tour ❤

Arieann Co says:

im indonesian but never go to bali haha, i want to travel both but definetely bali first…

Khadija Store says:

My Belgian frends already travelled many countries, but once a year they always visit Bali.. they loves Bali so much…

Hary Sigit says:

Phuket biasa aja, mirip kaya pantai ancol yg di jakarta. Pada gila aja itu yg nge-vote.. masa bali kalah? Sakit jiwa aja-_-

Am game says:

I chose Bali,stupid vote

Ria Angelina says:

biasa aja,tempatnya di phuket ,makanan kaya gitu di pasar banyaak..

Nadzifa Nuramdani Fathony says:

in 45:14 is funny

Stacey Tham says:

I’m sorry but what is with all these Victorious songs…?😂😂😂

Nurul Yeollipop says:

Daripada marah atau gak suka karena Bali kalah,,, bukankah seharusnya kita senang krn telah memilih Bali utk dijadikan battle trip,, seenggaknya sekarang Bali jd lebih diketahui lagi.

HVG Entertainment says:

Bali The Best High Quality Destination🆒,,, Phuket is Quite Quality Destination

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