Basic Thai Ingredients Pt 1 – Hot Thai Kitchen

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An excerpt from a presentation I gave at The Dirty Apron Cooking School in Vancouver, Canada!

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chino gustaviano says:

If you didnt decide to be an "infamous cook!" you would of been an A1 professor….your explainations are on point show!!

Mai Mcbride says:

Wow! You are amazing teacher! You are so talented!!!

RC says:

Wow! This channel is good. I’d be so lost trying to cook Thai without it. says:

what an amazing lecture… be sure to watch part two, too!

theherbilgerbil2029 says:

loved and subbed

Aria Julazadeh says:

Hi Pailin what is different between fish sauce reserved fish and the clear fish sauce.

Somsamorn Long says:

hi just want to say thank you, and that you are an awesome teacher (y)

GMAZUSA GoldenMountain says:

Great job,, Pailin….love it….

GMAZUSA GoldenMountain says:

Great presentation…Love

Omar Zakaria says:

Great Pailin , well done , keep up good work

xvzw says:

koob khun krab Pailin 🙂

Nantaporn K. says:


Splendors Way says:

Oh my god, I love you.

Angela Lin says:

Hello, do we need to defrost the herbs after freezing them?

Karen Cas says:

This is one of the most helpful, beginner food videos on YouTube. I've always loved Asian food and recently decided to learn how to cook all forms of Asian foods myself. Im also a 70lb weight loss victor and since asian foods are my fav, and highly satisfies me, I was going to learn how to cook it instead of eating out often. Generally, Asian food is more healthy than western foods and those recipes that may have more fat or carb content, I can slim it down and it still be delicious and satisfying. Thanks for the tutorials!

PaTTaMoNE says:

Love your presentation 😀
Becoming your fan as we speak 😀 <3

Kanchho Paudel says:

Madam what is fung……… how to make goong fung tom

LilyxVan says:

im thai n thx to u i can cook thai food in london without my mum , khopkunja

Mili Sinha says:

Hi Pailin, Great video ! I have already become a fan of urs !! ur "attention to detail" is worth every compliment – I have watched all ur videos and have developed a great interest in thai cooking … Thank u for that …. my question to you is , which brand of thai soy sauce (thick o thin?) do u recommend and where can i find it? Also I stay in Atlanta, GA and I couldnt find kaffir lime leaves anywhere … where do u buy them from ? Do u know of a online store which sells them ? Thanks again … great videos ! 

Pailin's Kitchen says:

Hi Will! In the beginning I say "sawaddee ka" which just means hello or good bye, but for a guy you would say "sawaddee krub". Kaffir lime leaf is "Bai Magrood". Thanks for your questions!

WillDougherty852 says:

Thank you Pai for another great recipe! I really enjoy and appreciate your lessons and translations of Thai cuisine and preparation.
Would you mind sharing two more translations with me?

1st what is the greeting/blessing you begin each video with?
2nd how do you say kaffir lime leaves in Thai?

So far la' chanh is the most accurate translation I've found.

Keep those recipes and translations coming, Will

nocturnalserpent says:

I tell true i dont waste any part of that lemon grass except when the leaves are soo dry i wont be able to infuse,in any soup or stock.

dsomlit says:

Art of Thai cooking should be more than just use western knowledge (science) to analyze ingredients, which might impress westerners. Common sense and practical should complement more than just analyzing.

dsomlit says:

Maybe she is too westernized to have that confidence of writing on that subject, judged by the way she rarely speak more than few words of Thai.

KW says:

Right? she definitely should.

socratesthecabdriver says:

she is the best

Katarzyna Kopańska says:

this is amazing lecture!

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