Bangla Road in the Daytime – Phuket, Thailand

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Patong in the Daytime, Phuket 2016 – VLOG 64

A stroll down Bangla Road in Patong, Phuket at around 5pm.

This video was from Early October 2016.

Be sure to check out the website with Patong info on hotels and nightlife tips:

Hotels inc essential booking tips:

The outro from this video was from the Crazy Horse Circus bar on Bangla Road, Patong.

Parts of this video include:

0:07 Junceylon shopping mall and the interestingly named ‘sleep with me’ hotel.
0:58 Ecstasy Nightclub, another new club on Bangla Road
1:26 Belvedere Luxury Club, read tripadvisor reviews first if you are thinking of going here
2:09 Fried ice cream
2:48 Tiger complex, home of Crazy Horse Circus bar
3:49 Papaya salad street food cart
4:43 Tiger complex with disco
6:15 Electricity cables being fixed
7:23 Regular massage place on Bangla Road
8:35 Soi Seadragon, gogo bar area
10:05 Beer bars
13:05 Starbucks and McDonalds
14:18 Outro from the Crazy Horse Circus bar on Bangla Road

Additional Notes:

Could you hold 4 boxes full of beer bottles on your back like the guy in the video? Have you ever tried fried ice cream? Have you ever eaten a spicy papaya salad in Thailand? Leave a comment below with your thoughts…

Bangla road closes for traffic at 6pm, and most of the bars get going properly around 9pm and close at 3am.

As a big thank you to everyone who has watched this channel over the last 2 years I have made 3 free guides to Bangkok, Pattaya and Patong.

Bangkok Guide:
Pattaya Guide:
Patong Guide:

These guides are intended to help Bangkok 112 subscribers navigate around when in Thailand. They are 100% free to use and interactive so you can even use them on your smartphone if you have a WIFI package.

Thank you for watching, Subscribe for more videos.


Prijo18 Handoko18 says:


korosion dickay says:

was there in 1994 and then 2000, was wondering what it looked like after tsunami, thanks for posting


Phuket looks like it has a great bar scene. Thanks.

fred cundiff says:

if i go there it wan't be to set and drink and get drunk

AyeVSee Cop says:

dahahahaha! the girls in the yellow sarons looked like something out of shallow hal? lmao!

tmkqq says:

6.20 wht name of this song ?

Stan L says:

don't think that's fried ice cream. more like cold stone style to me.

Rydan Bolt says:

What is the best way to get from Pattaya to Phuket? I'm going back to Pattaya but I have heard things about Phuket, so what's the best way or at least some ways to get from one to the other?

Daniel Williams says:

check in summer breeze 4/4 so ready!!!

shaun smith says:

Bangla road is shite ,why promote this shithole full of Russian aggression!!!

RuL :B says:

very very good town

Sudipta this is bulsit Bangladesh Basak says:

How much for 1 girl per day, Thailand corency????? says:

I get the feeling that if you don't drink alcohol or do drugs, you're not welcome here…

charles breeding says:

man that chick with the black shirt and jean shorts at 6.14 wow that's hot hot

Josef Fondue says:

Very good video. One minute I say, "Oh I am NOT going there" then I see a Hooters girl and I say "Yes, I am sooooo going to that place"

Nur Rahinah says:

hi. im going patong beach on january,any recommendation what hotel should i book for 5days?

fromhatyai says:

Phuket is about beaches.   Nightlife is of course a compulsory feature as everywhere in Thailand.  not the primary attraction.    BTW,  I found Koh Samui  was a little more expensive than Phuket and worse value than Phuket.

Greg Brown says:

Those guys working on the power lines. What's the bet they are still live wires? lol

Matti Suutarinen says:

i once when ages ago into an establishment like the belvedere luxury club. they tried to overcharge so i threatened with the tourist police and then they just said fuck you and we left. At the time the threat seemed to work

Carl says:

lol..that ronald mcdonald looked evil

KetZi says:

ииии блин туда тянет возвращаться)

Sher Pink The Artist says:

nice videos again bangkok112 your becoming more successful now…

Mustafa Ali says:

Great video. Try the Eye Candy Bar@Tiger Complex…… the bar's owner is my friend. She got many beauties and interesting spot for night watch

Mustafa Ali says:

Try the Eye Candy Bar@Tiger Complex…… the bar's owner is my friend. She got many beauties and interesting spot for night watch

Mustafa Ali says:

Try the Eye Candy Bar@Tiger Complex…… the bar's owner is my friend. She got many beauties and interesting spot for night watch

John R says:

I only ever enjoy the first two nights out. After that it's too hot, I get sick of being heckled and the food mostly doesn't taste nice. But I got back for the hussies.

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