Bangkok to Pattaya – the cheapest way

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From Bangkok to Pattaya by bus – the cheapest way. 108 baht (about 3 USD). Find Ekamai bus station on Sukhumvit Road, easy to reach it by BTS Skytrain .

From Pattaya to Bangkok

Visit – useful info about Pattaya and Bangkok
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Geoffrey W says:

I used that very same service in 2016 and the baht bus taxi from Pattaya bus station took me direct to my hotel for only 50 baht.

Rogue Male says:

I've taken the mini bus from ekkamai station a couple of times-last trip we picked up passengers along the way.But,I was happy with both trips as the drivers didn't go like maniacs.

Wail fmh11 says:

Hey , we just arrived in Pattaya … Loving the videos. We are doing thanks
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Natas Kaupas says:

What percentage of the local thai women had whore themselves at one point would yall say?


1:29 who all would hit that ?

Jerry Velazquez says:

I stayed at the Centara Grand Phratamnak when I went to pattaya, very nice place I highly recommend it 5 star resort definitely worth the $

Rand U says:

Are the seats assigned or is it first come, first served?     Direct ride or one rest stop?

Archibald Tuttle says:

Honestly, you are a creep

Peter B says:

The bus maybe cheap, but. I can see a lot of people commenting on what I am about to say lol. Firstly have been to Pattaya many times, and took the bus once.
Okay going from Suvarnabhumi Airport, the bus is about 105 bht or so. You may have to wait for an hour or so until the bus departs. Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe the big buses are limited to 80kph on the motorway, so it is about 1 1/2 to 2 hour trip. Then, you have to get to your hotel from one of the three drop off points in Pattaya, costing you more. So, by the time you exit Customs, you may arrive at your hotel 3 hours later if you are lucky, after a long and tiring flight into Bangkok. On my trip, on the bus, I had a big guy in front of me who dropped his seat back right on my knees, was not happy.
After that trip I booked a hire car off the Net for 1000bht, there are many who do the service at this price, but you will get sharks at the airport who ask 2000bht. The driver waits for you outside Customs with a sign with your name on. In about an hour or a bit more, you are at your hotel. And on your return, they pick up at your hotel.
The extra you pay for comfort from the airport is nothing. You are on holiday and how much did you pay for your flight and accommodation. Then what you pay for drinks, lady drinks, ladies etc during your holiday, don't be a cheap skate for your own comfort. I believe the fare is 1200bht from Sukhumvit to Pattaya. The extra for a hire car with leather comfort seats is well worth it.

SkInWarrIoR says:

I use this Bus Service too. Very cheap and comfortable for this money. But then i use the Baht Bus service for 35 Baht directly to my hotel …. Where does the Baht Bus stop when u get it on north Road?

Jerry Velazquez says:

Just got back from Thailand on Sunday ….holy shit it was amazing

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