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Today we are traveling from Bangkok to Pattaya by bus. We simply love to experience the countries that we travel to like a local….. which means for us taking buses or trains whenever we can. The bus to Pattaya took four hours and then the challenge began. Taxis and tuk tuks are not our friends, we know that near train stations, bus stations, or other touristy places they will jack up their prices. In Pattaya, we heard of a taxi scam where the taxi drivers remove or cover up their meters so they can charge higher fees. Once we arrived in Pattaya, we try our gambit at the taxi cab game all in an effort to reach our Pattaya beachfront condo. On our way to the condo Eric gets hassled by some Pattaya bar girls…… We ain’t buying what your selling!

If you have any questions or comments we read all messages and try to respond to any we receive.

We discovered our passion for traveling, beginning with our destination wedding in Jamaica in 2007. This year we decided to leave everything behind with a goal of traveling to 30 countries. We intend to record our experiences with a day in the life vlog, with the hopes of inspiring others to get out and see the world! Check out our new daily vlog as we start backpacking through Southeast Asia.

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PaperBag says:

I would be claustrophobic in that room .You could though have a shower,cook dinner and watch TV all at the same time without getting out of bed lol

Nomadd UK says:

Loved your vlog. I have now subbed and liked. I only have one complaint and that is the "Americanisms" you use a LOT!! They are "super" everything and "awesome". Please use very, absolutely, incredibly etc. They give a more educated sound to the language. Apart from that, a very good vlog. Looking forward to watching ithers from you both.

ricuman says:

Airbnb is stupid especially in pattaya….so many good cheap hotels

thaijamie says:

200 baht aint ripping you off, how miserable are you

Graham Murray says:

If your a backpacker why go to pattaya ?

Kitty Freak says:

No grab taxi in thailand or uber?? Indonesia already has it for years now..uber, grab, gojek taxi with fixed price which is very unexpensive..My man loves using their service (even to buy are very polite and friendly too

John says:

Just download the GrabTaxi app for goodness sake. Getting an honest taxi in SE Asia is no big deal these days.

Adney Murakami says:

guyss 200 baht is only $6.00 us…

Mark Williams says:

Good quality vlog…….should give the price of food/drink/ room in thai bht..then different Nationalities can equate it to their own monetary currency ………good luck…..

mohammad ibrahim says:

How much per night this room

Cary Eggertson says:

i would of paid the $6.00. wasted too much worrying about a few dollars.

tombonaventure says:

lol- "Pattaya Bar Girls" certainly drove a lot of traffic your way.

Ron Smith says:

You cant visit pattaya without trying walking street or the 6

Eric Hernandez says:

Awesome treat you two, too bad about the whole airbnb uncomfortable situation though but glad it worked out. CONGRATULATIONS on your 10 year Anniversary!!!!!!!!!! Team tag your way to another 10!!!!!!! Great food choices as always and on a budget at that so well done. Take care and keep living it up!! 🙂

Anya Johnson says:

Your silent buspool karaoke was adorable, but how can Eric sleep with his arms over his head like that? It's kinda funny that you guys are mistaken for backpacking homeless people. Also, the "we're not buying…" line did not disappoint! Way to keep a close eye on that budget, not that I'm surprised by Amanda's thrifty skills

sandy moonstone says:

. they both need a shave

Dissent says:

small portions to americans that's a side dish

Archiving History says:

Nice vlog! What's the name of the song btw?

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