Bangkok to Pattaya by Minibus

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I spent a few nights in Pattaya and I didn’t really like it for multiple reasons. This is my video footage of the Bus trip out there and some of the thunderstorms I encountered along the way.

The Chonburi Motorway to Pattaya is a great road and the transfer from Bangkok to Pattaya takes around two hours. The longest part of the journey is going through the Bangkok traffic and dropping off and collecting each passenger at their respective hotels.


MrLetmein2011 says:

The terrible driving there freaked me out.

A Khan says:

That bus service where did u get in Bangkok f pattaya,how much is the ticket?

Ananyo Barman says:

made in usa

Rahul Ghosh says:

Makes me feel nostalgic. I also remember that on your way to Pattaya there is a 20KM stretch of concrete road.

Saravanan Gopal says:

you must be very good in nature

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