Bangkok to Pattaya by Bus Walkthrough – 130 baht – April 2015

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Bangkok Airport to Pattaya by Bus Walkthrough – 130 baht – 2015

A step-by-step walkthrough of how to go from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport to Pattaya using the cheap no. 389 bus. Travel time is approximately 2 hours. Buses leave hourly from 07,00 to 22,00. This works out much cheaper than a private taxi and is almost as fast and probably more comfortable.

04 April 2015
Price: 130 baht

Note: On this day of travel there was some bad highway traffic which affected the journey time. The price is variable due to competition with other forms of transport. The last 2 daily departures stop only near Pattaya North Bus Station.

In the video the price of the motorbike taxi ride to Walking Street was 50 baht for the 2km journey from the last stop.

Baht Buses are 10 to 20 baht for ones running in your direction. Otherwise, the waiting baht buses can be negotiated at a price, buddy up with fellow travellers to cut the cost if possible.

Overall verdict: The bus taken was very comfortable with good air conditioning. The sign at the counter was 17,00 for the next bus but I was put on the 16,00 probably because I had no bags. The bus does drop Thai people off early which can eat into the journey time, but hey what do you expect from a cheap bus. As for the Pattaya drop off points be sure which one you need and get ready early, the staff will help you get your bag out of the main compartment.

4:22 pause here to check the Pattaya drop off points clearly on the map.

View in HD for Better Quality.

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More info from their website (unedited by bangkok 112):

Departure location: At “Pattaya” counter on Level 1 at Gate no. 8

Drop-off location: There are a few drop-off points on Sukhumvit road in Pattaya city for your convenience: North Pattaya Intersection, Central Pattaya Intersection, South Pattaya Intersection and a corner of Thepprasit road next to Outlet Mall. Then the bus will go straight to our office on Thappraya road.

Travelling Time: Bus take around “two hours” between Airport and Pattaya.

Fare: Bus fare is 130 THB/Seat.

Baggage: 1. Each customer is allowed to have 1 small personal bag that fits in the overhead compartment (very small space) and 1 normal sized checked baggage with the maximum standard size of 48W-29D-76H in centimeter or 19”W-11”D-30”H with maximum linear dimension of 153 cm. and maximum weight of 20 kg. If the size or the weight is more than the standard limit, you will be subject to oversize or overweight charge.
Our system does not accept a booking if customer has more than 3 checked baggage. In that case please input only 3 bags and our staff will check-in additional bags before boarding with additional charges.
All baggage must be clearly labeled with the owner’s name and destination address.


Ralph Picc says:

Is there a place nearby where I can exchange dollars for bahk?

Jaxon2000 gr8 says:

Hey Bangkok 112. I know this is a very old vlog but (apart from the prices) is this information still current? IE: Down to level 1. Buy ticket at the counter. Exit door 8 etc…

piranhaful says:

how long is the ride man ?

The Nesoi says:

Thanks great information 🇹🇭👍🏻🇹🇭

mohammad ibrahim says:

Help please how much per night pattyea singel normal room.

Abbas Aljbory says:

التصوير جيد جدا وحرفي ولكن بدا غير واضح بل دقيقة 47:42 وعلى كل حال فانت مبدع ولطيف جدا و شكرا لك

Greg Williams says:

I have always taken a taxicab. Lately for 1500, 1600 THB. This is really great information with guides, maps, drop off points, POI, Etc. really enjoyed the video.

ALF goof says:

lot of sweet memories 😯😯😯

Lasombra Hautae says:

how do you get back to bkk from pattaya?

Thorsten Massinger says:

Thank,s very helpfull

Ashu Rocks !!!! Singer by Choice says:

Great information !!!!!!!!

Dan says:

Anyone know if you can go purchase bus ticket before baggage comes out, or is that a blocked off area that I cant return to?

iPhonePRO says:

can u buy return from there?

Nate Carter says:

I need this bus. But I am not leaving from the Airport. Where can I catch it in Bangkok?

fromhatyai says:

Hi  Is there washroom toilet in this Airport to Pattaya bus  ? Also is there washroom toilet in the 118 B,   Eskami  to Pattaya bus ?

Dan says:

"From Suvanabhumi Airport to Pattaya, Bell can not accept walk-in customers. Advance booking via website only!!! (Announced Sept 20th, 2016)"

Edit: looks like they only sell tickets AT the desk now.. hmm

Bru Geo says:

j'ai payé 120 baths il y a quinze jours.

Elliot Roman says:


Rhonne Ayen says:

This is so helpful. 🙂

keming lim says:

Is it worth it to take bus from belltravelservice?
belltravelservice cost 240 baht and need to do advance booking and only travel at 2 hours interval, but it stop you at your hotel.
how is the bell bus compare to bus 389?

Shan Anoop says:

thank you so much for the Upload. This is a great upload for me since i am gonna be in pattaya debating to take the bus or taxi. Price difference is a lot but i like to try the bus. I will be staying in a hotel south of pattaya. So when you get off the bus just walk into a taxi and show them the address for the hotel right. can i bargain..

mydatch says:

Can I just ask what is the safest way to get a ride from Southern road to walking street ?
I saw alot of Taxi scam with sky high prices, is taking a Taxi Motorbike safer ? Thanks

Flaming Ice says:

Its not dropping passengers early. They want to drop here because they have business there or its their home.

see says:

I spent 25 years working in the telecoms business,  and when my friend had a problem with his  A. I. S. SIM. Card.   I agreed to help him.We went to the A. I. S. Shop in. Central. Festival pattaya.We met the manager there,A man about 28 years,  He did not under stand English,He  was  Not. Helpful.  He. Was  Rude., and  Impatient.We   Will   Never go There again. I told my friend to go to dtac. Or. True for a SIM card as it was clear   A. I. S  staff do not know how to deal with problems
Beware. Of   A. I. S.

stinking polecat says:

I get the whole saving money thing but to be honest this is the most time that I can comfortably negotiate on how much I get scammed, I seriously would rather pay 25 pounds to get dropped off outside the door of my digs than ass around with buses taking hours to get anywhere and taking even longer to do so! it might seem a significant saving to some but if your on your holibobs for a few weeks then you wont miss the extra comfort im sure!

Mark Evans says:

The Stop at Theprassit rd do they stop on Sukumvit rd or turn down Theprassit and drop of at the outlet mall?

Mister Diablo says:

On the way back to BKK where do you buy a ticket and where do you get on the bus?

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