Bangkok To Pattaya By Bus – Only 108 Baht

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How to get from Bangkok to Pattaya by Bus: I was staying at the Heaven@4 Hotel on Soi 4, close to Nana Plaza. The Nana BTS Station is only a few minutes walk away from the hotel. I needed to get to the Eastern Bus Terminal to catch the bus to Pattaya. I didn’t pre-book a bus ticket, as buses leave there every half hour to an hour, so I knew I wouldn’t have to wait long. The Ekkamai BTS station is right beside the bus terminal, on Sukhumvit Soi 63 (Soi Ekkamai). Buses run from 05.20 to 23.20 each day.

There are First Class buses and Second Class buses with very little in the difference between prices, but vary greatly in journey time. If you take the First Class bus, while it does stop to pick up and drop off a few passengers, the travel time should be around 2 to 2 and a half hours, depending on traffic. We did come across some traffic bottlenecks and slowed us down on the 94 mile journey. The Second Class bus has lots of stops and no air con. So if you want to save around 10 baht and not mind the extra time sitting on a bus, then go for it! The First Class bus trip to Pattaya cost only 108 baht (US$3.16), one way.

Another option to get to Pattaya, is to take a minibus for 130 baht, which also leave from the same Ekkamai bus station. Luggage space is limited though. Travel agencies and some hotels can arrange a minibus to pick you up from your hotel and drop you off at your hotel in Pattaya, for around 400 baht ($12). A taxi costs 1500 baht to 2000 baht ($44 to $59), but you can try negotiate a price. There is also a Third Class only train from Bangkok to Pattaya, from Hualamphong Station, for only 31 baht (90 cents). It leaves at 06.50, but check online in case times change.

If you arrive into Survarnabhumi Airport, it’s on the Pattaya side of Bangkok, so journey time is a bit shorter. You can catch a bus to Pattaya from the airport for around 100 baht. There are 5 per day. Or you can take a taxi. Keep in mind about adding 60 baht ($1.76) for highway tolls if you take the express route. The official taxi meter price is 1050 baht ($31), but it’s negotiable! Tip: At the airport departure level, taxis don’t have to pay an airport fee of 50 baht, and usually you won’t have to wait long to grab a taxi from there.

The bus from Bangkok to Pattaya, goes to the main bus station in North Pattaya. From here, you can take a mototaxi for 80 to 100 baht to just about anywhere in the city. You can also take a songthaew (shared pick up taxi or baht buses) for 50 baht, or negotiate a price for private use or a group, dropping you off at your hotel door. I stayed at the Opey de Place on Soi Lengkee.

Returning back to Bangkok, you have the same options. Also, you have private taxis. Expect to pay around 1200 baht ($35). Some hotels offer this service, for example the Opey de Place for that price.

Hopefully you found this helpful in some way.

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David R says:

Just now watched this video.  Does the 1st class air bus only stop once after leaving Ekkamai, upon arriving at Pattaya?  On an earlier bus trip I took on a different route, when I knew the bus would stop numerous times I paid for a 2nd seat to put my suitcase.  Wanted to watch my things, being 10,000 miles from home.

Ashley D says:

3 years ago, songthaew was only 20 baht,, goes up now every year without fail .

David Eddolls says:

Hi and thank you for doing this vlog, having done the trip from bkk to pattaya a few times now I have travelled by the bus from the airport and a pre booked taxi and certainly if there are a few of you travelling its better to get taxi cab but if you are on a budget then the bus is the way to travel, we had a free sandwich and drink on ours. Great music by the way. Thanks

Jules Paddio says:

Bangkok Cemetery Pong Pond Converter

fred cundiff says:

thanks for this video. was going to ask how far and how lone it took to get to pattaya from bangkok

Harald Skrell says:

Thanks. Good video.

Brummie Brink says:

fantastic video, good work and good filming. its very nice you explain how to do, how to travel. thanks for all the information
wanderlust or bust

Kirk Wilson says:

I have also watched videos about getting a taxi at around 7-8am, they will give you a good rate since they can find a person for a return fare if you can use the taxi at that time. If it is any later then they risk the chance of not getting a return fare and having to drive back alone which will cause them to charge you for that.

David Crowle-Groves says:

You cannot buy a single skytrain ticket(only a day or week pass) at the booth. They will only give you change to use at the ticket machine

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