Bangkok to Pattaya by Bus 2015 – 119 Baht

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Bangkok City Centre to Pattaya by Bus 2015 – 119 Baht

The bus is cheap, clean, safe and fast (2 hours) if you are travelling to Pattaya from the city of Bangkok.

The Bus leaves the Eastern Bus Terminal in Bangkok right next to Ekkamai BTS Station. They go every 30 minutes and drop you off at the Pattaya North bus station. The journey time is 2hrs but on this day it was 2 1/2 due to traffic in Bangkok.

From the Pattaya North Bus Station it is an easy 10-20 baht Baht Bus ride or a motorbike (negotiate price beforehand) to your intended destination. The terminal is also known as Pattaya Roong Ruang Bus Terminal and is good to return to Bangkok this way.

The price on this day was only 119 baht but it can vary due to competition with other transport options.

Note: This is the bus in the past that was affectionately referred to as the ‘Sex Tourist Express’. But now it has a mixed bag of customers.

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About Pattaya:

Pattaya is located on the eastern side of the Gulf of Thailand, about 120 km from Bangkok. Though best known for its go-go bars and exotic night life, it also boasts a great variety of tropical holiday experiences: water sports, diving, fishing, many excellent golf courses and a good variety of restaurants and shopping areas.

In recent years there has been an extraordinary amount of real-estate development, every bit of spare space being filled with condos, hotels, and, around the lagoon, retirement homes for foreigners.


ALF goof says:

missed that paradise a lot.
send a big kiss to thailand from new Zealand 😙😙

jhgjhgj hgjhgdj says:

hmmm, take the bus OR buy a beer and walk …… tough decision.

Nilesh Shah says:

Do they help people who are physically challenged ??

Sandy Hayes says:

~$3.50USD for a two hour bus ride is a steal.

Mohan Kartik says:

memories got rewinded of my trip from this bus to pathaya nice video

MKR nallavan says:

now the price is 130 baht

Sallie Koh says:

hi how do i get to Pattaya from Bangkok airport?

iPhonePRO says:

This works in 2017?

Phil Tenerife says:

Great video very helpful !

danny collingwood says:

My hotel is @ soi 13..Where should i get down in pattaya?Your videos rock by the way…Amazing video..

Puti Donni says:

sorry…is there bus from dmk airport to pattaya? or i should go to bkk airport first? need info please

DJ Duke Slam says:

Hello… Some questions which I hope someone can answer.
When I arrive at the Pattaya North Bus Station via this bus, what is the best way to travel to Beach Road area… Between Soi 6 and Central Pattaya Road? (I reckon I could take a Baht Bus)
How will I know which baht bus to take and its route/direction? (I keep hearing not ask the driver directions)
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Alec Hunter says:

How long is the trip

MKR nallavan says:

also this buses are available from suvarnabhumi airport to pattaya every one hour., charges are 124 baht..

sam0678 says:

Thanks for the useful information in the movement between the two cities important to the economic and tourist likes to live without the extra cost

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