Bangkok Street Food – Pad Thai Noodles

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Pad thai (ผัดไทย) is cheap, delicious, and a quintessential part of Thailand’s street food. This vendor sells pad thai with an assortment of noodles and protein choices like shrimp, eggs, and chicken to choose from. Once an order is placed, noodles and protein choice are quickly stir fried with bean sprouts, carrots, garlic chives, and coriander leaves.

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Anne Corey says:

It awesome to see so many food stalls thank you for sharing .

pladder badder says:

hard to see what she's doing. think you can zoom in some more, next time?

soundynamix says:

Almost everything is pre-cooked, doesn't sound appetizing.

Aaron McDonald says:

Where does this place locate? Soi 15?

Xu Zhiang Ting says:

เป๋น ตะแสบ ฮาว นิ

Claudia Erkelingf says:

Padthai also my daily dish spices are good!

FurbyWeslee says:

her cooking pan never get to clean up

FurbyWeslee says:

can she cook slow n perfectly

Ujwal Rai says:

her hands are superfast.

xuan do says:

Có bài nhạc nghe quen quen 🙂

gollden says:

She destroyed all the noodles

Hiển Nguyễn Thái says:

I listened a vietnamese song on the background

First Relax Thai Massage says:


Con Trai Họ Đặng says:

i love thailand
i love music viet nam 🙂

Khoa Ngo says:

Where is this vendor? Thank you

Khoa Ngo says:

Where is this vendor? Thank you

Khoa Ngo says:

Where is this vendor? Thank you

Letu Garis says:

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1 comentario

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