Bangkok Street Food – PAD KRA PAO Basil Chicken Rice w/ Omelette Thailand

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iamrichrocker says:

so your gonna have coronary bypass soon?

Hdibdfkkk Ckcncll says:

ธุระกิจ5-6ล้าน ก็ยังกินกะเพราไข่ดาว 55555

Sarah Millson says:

I don't understand the fact that people in Far-East always have this kind of fried food however they're slim and they live longer than other part of the world??!

ฮอน ร้อยลี้ says:


Tomasz Woźniak says:

2;46 min …kłak na łyżce ;D

神風特攻隊 says:


N S says:


Haris Kurniawan says:


mimimi says:

美味しそー( ´˙꒳​˙ )

Me love says:

Youtubers have so much Complainers

zkwciebtomn says:


Laroling says:

As lovely as this seems, I am afraid I couldn't eat this. Not because of the hair. I don't care lol, but the HEAT. How many peppers did he throw in there? Oh thailand… And for all you oil haters, scram! You can the crunchiest, best fried product with hot oil, it shouldn't soak in there as long as the pan is terribly hot. It's the only way to actually get amazing, crispy fried products. Just drain them afterwards!

Choon ja says:

볶음밥 같다

임선옥 says:

저거 맛있는데 ㅜㅜ
먹고 싶다

seetha shivan says:

profile picture is different …..cheat this video

Mcb Bartolocci says:

Les asiatiques sont complètements stupides, et c'est vraiment déguelasse de manger dans la rue. Nous devons leurs apprendre a cuisinier correctement et dans des cuisines pas dehors avec les rats. Bref rien n'est meilleur que la cuisine italienne.

lolletah z says:

Ada kacang panjang

Vinsensius Gulo says:

i think he can use 1 liter of oil to cook.

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